Why Not Wear “W” Buttons As Well?

This is entirely inappropriate.

ABC News’ Jessica Yellin Reports: The White House press office has handed out yellow cancer bracelets that say ‘Tony Snow’ to reporters.

Member of the press office said they would like the press corps to wear these bracelets during Snow’s on camera briefing Wednesday, scheduled for 1:00pmET.

Reporters are divided, some plan to wear them but others are aren’t.

They can wear Lance Armstrong’s “Live Strong” bracelets if they like, or even American Cancer Society visors, but the press corps must not endorse the president’s mouthpiece.

6 thoughts on “Why Not Wear “W” Buttons As Well?

  1. The bracelets and ribbon magnets are so ubiquitous now, no one reads what’s on them. In fact, I want to start a bracelet and magnet campaign that says “No More Bracelets & Magnets”

  2. I would think Lance Armstrong’s “Live Strong” foundation would have a problem with this–isn’t the yellow bracelet “theirs?”–I mean, you’re supposed to buy the things and the proceeds go to the foundation. Did the White House make a donation to the Live Strong foundation to get the special Tony Snow bracelets?

  3. OOOO! Maitri, where do i get some of those? i wanna slap them magnets all over my car, refrigerator, and filing cabinets…and then wear a bracelet in every color – on each arm. maybe it’ll catch on 😉

  4. I found a website that was selling bracelets that struck me as screamingly amusing, and I just had to buy them. They came in a set of three, one each in medium gray, dark gray, and black, and one each for “Apathy,” “Despair,” and “Nihilism.”
    They’re quite the little conversation starters.

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