Double Pony Fantasy

Chimpy reached all-time low job approval ratings in both the WNBC/Marist poll and the NPR poll today.

In the WNBC/Marist Poll [pdf] he was rated at 33% job approval:

VOTERS RATE THE PRESIDENT: 61% of registered voters disapprove of the job President Bush is doing in office, and 33% approve.

This marks the third consecutive Marist poll in which he has set a new all-time low (37% in Nov/Dec 2006 poll, 35% in Feb 2007 poll, 33% in Apr/May 2007 poll).

In the NPR [again with the pdf?] poll he was rated at 37%

This is also his third consecutive all-tme low in the NPR poll (40% in Dec 2006 poll, 39% in Mar 2007 poll, 37% in Apr 2007 poll).