Could Be Wolfowitz’s Last Day

The Canadians are being subtle.

The World Bank should be allowed to deal with the problem of what to do with embattled head Paul Wolfowitz, a senior Canadian finance ministry official told reporters on Wednesday.

The comments were in line with those made by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on Tuesday. Sources in Washington say that behind the scenes, Canada is urging that Wolfowitz step down.

The Germans? Not so much.

Germany’s development minister said Wednesday that World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz would be doing his organization a favor if he resigned and said he would not be welcome at a forum the bank is holding in Berlin next week.

One thought on “Could Be Wolfowitz’s Last Day

  1. Secret trancript of Wolfowitz discussing his future:
    “(sarcastic) Oooh, the Germans are mad at me… I’m so scared! Oooooh, the Germans… Uh oh… (chorus of Germanic-sounding voices saying ‘Stop it, Burns’ The Germans are coming after me… Oh, don’t let the Germans come after me… Oh, the Germans are coming after me… No, they’re so big and strong… Protect me from the Germans! The Germans!”

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