Nagin…Rock Star to Mayors?

Dahleen Glanton of the Chicago Tribune recently covered a meeting of the National Conference of Black Mayors and wrote this

New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin, wrapped
up in Hurricane Katrina controversy, received rock star treatment
recently when he attended the group’s annual convention in Baton Rouge.
Entering late to a luncheon where New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a
Democratic presidential candidate, was supposed to be the star
attraction, mayors jumped from their seats, cameras in hand, to greet
Nagin as he made his way through the room.

OK a Rock Star. Perhaps it is due to Nagin having told the feds to “get off your asses” or perhaps it is as Oyster wrote that Nagin can be utterly charming. (Also check out Oyster on Nagin speaking to a group of Black Publishers and Editors if just for the snark of Oyster’s last graph)Whatever it is I don’t know, but I just hope these mayors do not admire Nagin as a mayoral role model. God help us if these mayors would actually strive to run their cities as Nagin has “lead” New Orleans.

One thought on “Nagin…Rock Star to Mayors?

  1. While in the Twin Cities recently, my husband met a man who is a large-city financial and investments consultant. Apparently, Nagin flew this guy and his five-person team down to New Orleans three times and not once showed up for the meeting. When Nagin did show up finally, only two members of the team were present (the rest of them too pissed off to show up) and, after the meeting, they concluded that Nagin has no clue what’s going on in his own city.
    Nagin looks good, has a great personality and was actually re-electable up until January 2006 when he began to unravel. But, I guess the people who continue to cheer him on and re-elected him just cannot see past the veneer. When will it stop being about identity and start being about the ability of this man to deliver what New Orleans needs?

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