Your President Speaks!

Today, in Glynco, Georgia, on immigration reform.


Please be seated — unless, of course, you don’t have a chair.

The Joke That Died

I don’t know whether you realize this, or not, but the government originally planned to open this center inside the Capital Beltway. No one looks very sad that they didn’t open it inside the Capital Beltway.

The Front Lines Of Protecting

A lot of our fellow citizens probably don’t know what goes on here, but this is a center full of smart, capable instructors who are helping to train men and women who’ve volunteered to serve our country on the front lines of protecting the homeland.

There Is A Lot Of Decent Souls

And it gives me great confidence when I meet you to tell the American people there’s a lot of decent souls doing everything they can to provide security for the American people.

Workin’ The Border — I Hear That’s What Katherine Harris Is Doing These Days

I appreciate the folks at FLETC that I met that are working the border and helping train people to secure this border of ours.

Some Of My Best Friends… Part I

I want to introduce Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez — I appreciate you coming, Mr. Secretary. Carlos wasn’t born here, see. He was born in another country — Cuba. And now he sits in the Cabinet of the President of the United States.

Some Of My Best Friends… Part II

With us, as well, is Senator Mel Martinez. He wasn’t born in America. He’s a Senator from Florida. He was born in Cuba.

I’m ALittle Lotta Bit Country

What a wonderful country it is, where people can come to live in a country based upon liberty, and realize the great blessings of our country.

We Are A Place Of Law

Will we be a welcoming place, a place of law, that renews our spirit by giving people a chance to succeed?

Drain Bamage

One commitment to the American people that we’re serious about helping you do your job is to spend more money on the job.

Damn, That’s Good Blow

One of the problems we had prior to the administration addressing the problem was we had what was called — what happened was called catch and release. You had your Border Patrol working hard, finding somebody trying to sneak into our country illegally, they’d catch him, and then they say, well, you know, look, you need to come back for your hearing; we’re going to let you out, but come back for your hearing.

Our Country Is A Rule Of Law

In other words, part of making sure our country is a rule of law, we’ve got to have people enforce the law.

There Is A Lot

There’s a — a lot of employers need a legal way to fill jobs that Americans simply aren’t doing. There’s a lot of jobs here in Georgia that require people from — that are willing to do the work that Americans aren’t doing.

How It Works

To receive the visa, illegal workers must admit they violated the law and pay a meaningful penalty, pass a strict background check, hold a job, maintain a clean record, and eventually earn English — learn English. That’s how it works.

An Opportunity To Not Hide

In other words, if somebody says, fine, I’ll take my Z visa, I’m out of the shadows now, I’ve got an opportunity to not hide in America.

There Is More Hurdles

I’ll pay the penalties necessary so I can stay here — that’s what it says — but if you want to be a citizen, there’s more hurdles.

Safe At Base Home

If you want to be a citizen, you pay a fine, you touch base home to apply for a green card, and then you take your place behind those who have played by the rules and have been waiting in line, patiently, to become a citizen.

There Is A Lot Of Emotions

This reform is complex. There’s a lot of emotions around this issue.

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  1. That man should be struck by lightning whenever he uses the words “rule of law.” That he hasn’t been yet is proof that God is not paying attention.

  2. I love your heads on this feature. I LURVE them. They make me snicker out loud at work and that is a good thing.

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