Your President Speaks! Again!

Today, in Washington.

After A 518-Word Introduction By His Wife

Thank you all. Please be seated. Laura, thanks for that short introduction.

You’re Not Having Enough Money

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in economics to figure out, if you’re paying a lot of money on interest, you’re not having enough money to support your own people.

Spend The Money

We’re focusing increased American assistance for developing nations on three key goals — in other words, we have some goals, we’re not just going to spend money. We have a reason to spend the money and we expect there to be results when we spend that money — so do the taxpayers of this country. It’s one thing to be compassionate, it’s another thing to be accountable for the money.

What There Has Got To Be

If you’re interested in job creation, there’s got to be capital available.

The Taxpayers’ Have-Gots

And when people’s lives in countries on the continent of Africa improve, it helps the United States of America. It’s what our taxpayers have got to understand.

The Rich Folks’ Have-Gots

It’s a fact of life, something the world needs to deal with, particularly those of us who have got some money.

The Good Doc

So yesterday in the Rose Garden, Kunene and Baron and the good Doc — and I don’t know where the Bishop is — anyway, they were standing with me up there when I called on Congress to greatly expand our efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS, by doubling our initial commitment, by dedicating an additional $30 billion to this struggle over the next five years in the year 2009.

When Is Skipped The John

We saved a life of a fellow named Robert Ongole. He’s with us today. John Robert Ongole — not yet, not yet, John Robert. I’m going to make it a little more dramatic than that. You probably didn’t know who I was talking about when is skipped the “John.”

Return Of The Have-Gots

The initiatives I’ve discussed today are making a difference in the lives of millions; our fellow citizens have got to understand that.

4 thoughts on “Your President Speaks! Again!

  1. Holden, you simply have got to learn to speak Bushlish. You have got too many other have got too many problems when you have got no idea what he has got in mind.

  2. When someone is explaining something to him, do they say you have got to understand this? Is that why he’s always saying the American people have got to understand?

  3. What all y’all has got , uhm have gots to understand is that we uh , when you know someone is the decider in chief , that’s me , that there is some misunderstandings about how some of those by some of them what’s not gots a lot of ,uhm , .And I can tell you – i can tell you this without shadowed by doubts , that the gota-a-lots will let you rot , if that is you are between them and the pot.

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