3 thoughts on “Heckuva…

  1. Glad Brownie is on the case. I’m sure Ed Blakely will be available to consult with the people of San Diego about their “buffoonery” within a matter of months.

  2. Well Brownie did terrible with flood and water. And water is the opposite of fire. So maybe he is just the man for the job?

  3. Man that Brownie guy is hilarious. Frickin hilarious.
    Maybe if those one million evacuees were sitting in their own feces while disaster management leaders ate steak, Brownie could be invited on as an expert in heartless incompetence. That’s the only thing he’s qualified to talk about.
    He’s famous, New Orleans suffers. I have hatred in my heart for another human being and his name is heckuvajobbrownie.

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