You will not be surprised to learn…

In Michael Gerson’s new book we learn Dick Cheney doesn’t care about people. FromWaPo is this: (viaTP)

He [Gerson] recounts meetings in which Cheney’s office tried to kill proposals
to increase training of death-row defense lawyers, transition
assistance for prisoners and aid for Hurricane Katrina victims.

“The storm had also revealed a political and moral chasm in the
Republican Party,” he writes. “The president and I saw Katrina as an
opportunity to open a debate on race and poverty. Anti-government
Republicans saw Katrina as an opportunity to cut off medicine to old
people. It confirmed the worst image of Republicans as the party of
shriveled hearts.”

What can a person say other than…

UPDATE:Oyster has more. No profanity though the gulf between Bush’s promises and the subsequent reality is profane.

6 thoughts on “You will not be surprised to learn…

  1. funny that the small govment republikkkans spent the people’s money like drunken used car salesmen(as if sailors spend so much).

  2. Grandmère Mimi it’s not my video. I thought of making that video but thought surely someone else has done it by now. And yes they had.

  3. So we finally are getting confirmation that the NOLA fiasco was race and poverty motivated. In short, who cares about a dumb, poor, black…

  4. Remember that one time when the vice president was hunting quails with his friend and then shot his friend in the face with a gun and then his friend ended up apologizing for getting in the way of the bullets?

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