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The Guardian: “A woman with an artificial arm has been given the sense of touch following a pioneering operation to reroute some of her nerves.”

Dallas Morning News: Interesting — Mike Rawlings, former CEO of Pizza Hut and now the “homeless czar” of Dallas (a title he calls stupid) is working on the plan to end homelessness in Dallas.

New Orleans City Business: You may remember the story of Times Picayune photographer, John McCusker, who while distraught urged police to shoot him. An officer was injured in the incident. Now McCusker is set to go on trial December 13th. His lawyer hopes a resolution can be reached prior to that date and a trial avoided. I certainly hope that will be the case.More background here…McCusker had no memory of the incident.

Times Online: Emma Clarke the voice of the London Tube telling one to Mind the Gap has lost her contract “after she criticised the Underground system and spoofed her own
announcements on the internet.” Spoof examples at link. Clarke says she has been taken out of context–“What I did say was dreadful was the thought of being in
a Tube train listening to my own voice.” (I know I wouldn’t want to listen to my voice.) Hersite is presently down due to so much traffic but she says it will be up again in a day or so. Tell me–is it a record? A LaCrosse WI doctor delivered 4 sets of twins in a 24 hour period during the Thanksgiving weekend. He also delivered another baby making it 9 and there were another set of twins born at the facility on Thanksgiving day.

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