Not counting their sacrifice

Last month Iread in my local media about the death of Sfc. Anthony Raymond Wasielewski from Ladysmith WI. He had been injured in Iraq last May and died at his home in early October. It appeared his death was related to his comabat injuries but from the article that was not conclusive. I wondered if he would be counted as a casualty of the war. I checkedIraq Coalition Casualty Count site and found he was not listed.

Recently I checked back at the site and found that Sfc. Anthony Raymond Wasielewski is listed in a separate count of“Post Iraq Deaths Not Confirmed By the DoD”

Name Date
Richards, Jack D. 29-Jul-2007
Cassidy, Gerald J. 25-Sep-2007
Smith, John “Bill” 01-Oct-2005
Wasielewsk, Anthony Raymond 08-Oct-2007
Salerno III, Raymond A. 16-Jul-2006

Note: The soldiers listed above died from wounds received in Iraq,
however, the DoD has not included their deaths in their official count.

If you click through on the names of those listed above it will go to local news stories. I wonder if other such local news stories are still out there? It would certainly seem easy for such to get lost or not noticed and thus not counted even unofficially.

Wisconsin native, Sfc. Anthony Raymond Wasielewski, age 50, had been injured in a roadside bombing in Ramadi and later died at home from those wounds. He sacrificed his life for this country and that sacrifice should be counted…officially.

4 thoughts on “Not counting their sacrifice

  1. Fifty?
    God damn, there’s no reason for a fifty-year-old person to be in a war zone unless he or she is wearing stars. Of course, there’s no reason foranyone to be in a war zone in Iraq, but that’s a different argument.

  2. I wonder if other such local news stories are still out there?
    I’m sure there are. The DOD has an interest in keeping the count down. I hope their families get their life insurance payouts. I hope that they won’t have to fight for them, because they’re not “counted”.

  3. I don’t mean to belittle anyones service, but these men may as well have been mercenaries. Shhhh. 9/11. Duct tape, plastic sheeting. They’re only war dead if they die on foriegn soil. Shhh. Rudy. Shhhh.

  4. There was a good reason for my brother to die he LOVED his country and his guys he fought with in that god forsaken country!

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