The first casualty in the Christmas video war will be…seemliness

Not to start a video war or anything but Iam feeling surly due to being snowed in again and I have little else to do so heck. 

Michael has a lovely Christmas story of the woman charged with attempted murder for shooting 2 people because their dog damaged the Christmas decorations in her yard. (Tis the Season!)Oyster then follows with a link to a Christmas video. I watched in anticipation of Dick Cheney shooting Burl Ives in the face but no this thing was straight up holly jolly and merry. This can not stand…

And the battle has been joined…on the virgotex front

UPDATE: I was holding this in reservebut

19 thoughts on “The first casualty in the Christmas video war will be…seemliness

  1. lb…Except I have no food in the house which may affect my YouTube search stamina.
    Bring It virgotex

  2. Willie B has been a very naughty boy of late. Last night he chewed a very large hole in my snow boots.

  3. Oh, no…I guess Willie just doesn’t understand how essential winter gear is. Yow: a couple of times whist living in the North Country I discovered that good boots, gloves, scarves, and whatnot are definitely NOT optional.

  4. “Well, I’m not gonna trash up my blog with this”
    Aw come on. I double dog dare ya

  5. I’m just managing to get caught up on this, um, challenge, but I don’t think I need to see any more. You win, um, hands, er, down.

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