RETURN of FISA Debate Crack Van

Update: Reid pulled the bill until Jan. 1. Read more at the Dodd site. And lest you think this is just a temporary reprieve, Dodd said in his closing remarks, if they come back with a bill that still includes retroactive immunity, in January, he’ll stand up and cockpunch them again, so don’t even think about it.

(I may have made that last bit up a little.)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for the van today! Call your senators over the break, and ask them to stand with Chris Dodd.


5 thoughts on “RETURN of FISA Debate Crack Van

  1. how embarrassing. I fell asleep in a crack van. I hope somebody kept me from getting pawed to much.
    Where did this tattoo come from?

  2. I pictured you nodded off, computer in your lap, as Gabby sat in front of the television, attentively watching the proceedings all by herself.

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