Where the Drifts Get Deeper

On balance, 2007 was ass. I mean, not even a large disaster or two, more like a neverending siege of small bits of nonsense, things going wrong. Three dead pets, my abdominal surgery, Mr. A working 19 hours a day at a job so incredibly awful it would have been a relief when he got fired except that it was the day after I got home from the hospital, three months of double unemployment, family illness, infertility drama, friends sick and dying, and I’m hugely grateful it wasn’t worse. Lots of people have had worse. Lots of you had worse.

There was a lot of good this year, too: My book being finished, and out probably within the next couple weeks (so those of you who’ve ordered, don’t give up hope!). Mr. A and I both have new jobs we enjoy, that don’t make us feel like anybody’s buttslaves or disappointing children respectively. We have two new ferrets who are gleefully destroying the house and making us laugh each day. We’ve spent time with good friends, and done work I felt good about doing. Meeting you all in New Orleans was a high point in a very, very, very bad black miserable spring.

I don’t have a lot of resolutions, though, right now. I feel like we should be wheeled into 2008 on a stretcher, covered against bright light and loud noises and allowed to sip only lukewarm water until our hands stop shaking. I know I need to attack my writing harder, to be more responsible about it instead of acting like it’s going to manage itself. I know I need to stop eating like a hypoglycemic five-year-old, and cut back on the booze, and exercise and do all that stuff that we’re supposed to promise to do. Exciting things are going to be happening this year and I’m resolved to spend as much time hashing them over here as is humanly possible. More crack vans, more liveblogging, more fun. If there’s one good thing about this year bearing down on us, it’s that the other one’s over, and we can put it in a box, tape it shut, and go on.

Happy New Year, and Thank God 2007’s Over.


16 thoughts on “Where the Drifts Get Deeper

  1. Happy New Year A, I hope your book does great, Your rants have helped get me through some very tough times. Some of us out here truly love your one of a kind writing.

  2. Oh, honey, I hope this new year brings you all the great and wonderful things you deserved to have last year.
    It’s easy out here to forget that the people behind the words have lives. I come here and read you and Holden and scout and it helps me to deal with the minor crap I face daily. It helps me cope with the colossal stupidity that is Chris Matthews, the neverending fear that Americans really *are* that moronic, and the unnerving feeling that humor is slowly leaking out of the world.
    Srsly, you all are a great antidote to all that. So when I hear that you are having a rough time of it, I wish I could do more to help.
    I believe in karmic payback in this life. I believe that when you do good things, it does come back to you–maybe not now, maybe not for years, but someday, you get the good stuff you deserve. Girl, someday you are going to get one giant-ass pony.
    Metaphorically speaking. (Though the image of a truly giant-ass pony stomping all over Chris Matthews’ studios…mmmmm…)

  3. It’s those months of neverending seiges that can fuck you up the most but it would appear you both managed to not just survive but emerge with something to show for it. That speaks volumes about your marriage. Best to both you and Mr. A. And of course, the weasels.
    Still wince at missing out on that damn trip but feel certain we’ll meet up sometime. Maybe this year.
    I just put the following up in a sidebar at my place- I think it’s an appropriate invocation for what promises to be the most batshit loony political year in a long time:

    So keep fightin’ for freedom and justice, beloveds, but don’t you forget to have fun doin’ it. Lord, let your laughter ring forth. Be outrageous, ridicule the fraidy-cats, rejoice in all the oddities that freedom can produce. And when you get through kickin’ ass and celebratin’ the sheer joy of a good fight, be sure to tell those who come after how much fun it was.

    —Molly Ivins

    Thank you for building this community. New Year’s kisses & hugs to all the First-Draftians.

  4. i’m just looking forward to 09. figure i just have to survive this year. will be hoping for ok sales at art fairs considering the sub-prime mess, but the coasts are suffering more that the midwest.
    good luck for all us left bloggers.

  5. Pansypoo, is your art available through your website? (I like the Fuchsia cat – it’s upbeat and yet serene!)
    Virgotex, I missed the New Orleans’ trip, too – maybe another one can be had (if only the situation was such that we didn’t NEED to keep working on Nola – 2-1/2 years on…blast and bother, I want my city (future) back!!!)
    Peace, honest prosperity and sensible abundance to all F-D’rs in ’08!!! 🙂

  6. Yeah, my old car was getting too $$$ to fix every other month, so had to buy a newer ride. I got dumped just after our 1 year anniversary. Had to find a new apartment. Almost took a job in New Orleans (money too low for the job responsibilities and Nola rents). Dealt w/asses and asinine problems at work. Didn’t get to go to New Orleans more than once this year (no wonder I have those red welts…?!).
    Upside? New, reliable car. New SOLO (no alcoholic/drug addicted teens, no philandering bipolar boyfriend) apartment. ReNEWed relationship w/old friend I lost contact w/for 7 years and there MAY be romantic implications and the timing might work out finally. And I purged some emotional detritus/debris from my life, even though it cost me a longtime friend or two – toxic isn’t healthy!!!
    I am ready to start a new page! And I am working towards a cake decorating competition in Austin in Feb!!! Here’s to bigger, better and fondant enrobed things in 2008! Pass the Champagne!!!
    *POP!* fizzzzz…pour, share, toast!!!

  7. oh yes, most of the cats. i have a few stuck in denmark. although, i think i can make prints still. gotta get fat ass pansy quick before i change that fuschia. oh, hmm. i have some stuff at art pickle. think it has my contact info. gotta see if pansypoo’s name is in the art pickle listing. oh, duh, just e-mail me. and by the way there are way more kitty cats to come. 2 dogs. and lots of roadkill. and i gotta do more for this season. another @#$ rabbit! stop buying my rabbits!

  8. oh, but edresses don’t show up no more do they. hmm, farmer has it. could contact him. you know where he’s at? the old corrente building?
    can’t figure out the password deal on my apple mail. no place to ask if i put in a password. stoopid puter.

  9. what’s the deal with your password pansypoo? I help people with the Mac’s for a living – perhaps I can help?

  10. A,
    Sorry your year was a slog. But, as you said, put a bow on it and put it in the memory box. I’m still here too…readin’ everyday(mostly). A lot of us are. You, Holden, and Scout keep me from thinking I’m the last sane person. Give Mister A. another hug, smile at the weasels and get to work damn it! Do you think the country is going to save itself? Sheeesh! I’ll be reading your book when available
    and your posts when they are up. Fight the fights that need fighting.
    Happy New Year!

  11. A,
    It’s supercool that you published that Wisconsin journalism book. That’s the kind of book that will live on for years and keep finding new readers. A great history, an awesome accomplishment, you da bomb!
    But yeah…2007 ate boiled undershorts.

  12. hugo, the ‘mac mail’ keeps asking for a password, and if i have one, i have no idea what it is, tried many. i just give up on the damn thing.

  13. Pansypoo – I’d be happy to talk you through this if you like. Contact info at my website. It sounds like it wouldn’t take long… And Happy New Year to everyone here.

  14. Crimenitley, A, your year really was ass. And although you occasionally mentioned something, none of that affected your writing at all, which is always just spot-on. There are damned few writers or commentators that I almost always say, “Fer shur!” when I read, but you’re on that short list. Keep ‘er together, and there’s nowhere to go from here but up, right?

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