The Book Arrives At My House

Because I am a ginormous dork, I took a picture:

So far the tour plans include readings in Madison and the launch party in the Chicago area, and I’ll let you know when we have those dates firmed up because you all are very much invited. If anyone’s in the Madison vicinity and wants to hit the University Bookstore, they have it there as well.

The rest of you can buy your copyhere.


13 thoughts on “The Book Arrives At My House

  1. congrats. not the same for me exactly, just some drawings in a danish children’s book. have fun distributing to family.

  2. I think it would be entirely appropriate-what with the newspaperin’ – to put up either a sidebar widget or post over at the NuPac for this, if you wanted… Your call

  3. I would have had Mr. BuggyQ take the picture with me holding the big box o’ books. But I’m a big geek.
    Congrats! You have every right to be terribly proud. Just remember we knew you when… 😉

  4. So I’m in Quark’s Bar in the Alpha Quadrant.(seriously the bar in Las Vegas called Quark’s is in the Hilton under “The Star Trek Experience”) and I’m watching the first Star Trek movie. I’m having chat with the guy next to me. We start talking about journalism and he says, “I’m the press.” so of course I start going on and on about Athenae’s book. I’ve committed to send copies of Athenae’s book to actual journalists, journalist professors and people who like good stories. This guy, I’ll call him Raymond Chandler Jr., will be one of mine. This is the kind of word of mouth that I’d like all us members of the First-Draft family to take part in. It’s not hard it’s not phony and it will mean a lot to the actual sales of this book.
    I have a head start on loving the book since I’ve read a couple of sample chapters and they ROCK. It was like reading a really great fiction book, I kept wondering “What happens next?”. It’s historical fiction as a page turner.
    Books don’t “sell themselves” people sell them.
    I hate promoting myself, but I have no problem promoting Athenae.
    I think you will like it so much you will suggest others’ pick it up just for the story even if they don’t really care about a college student newspaper. Because it is really about more than that. Plus, you all know what a great writer Athenae is.
    So if you can’t afford to buy two copies and send one to someone who might dig it (like I’m going to send one to this guy I met in a bar in Vegas) after you have read your copy suggest someone else buy a copy or if they are poor too, loan them your copy.
    I want this book to become “required reading at the academy” (and by academy I mean all schools that think they are teaching journalism) because I think that it can really enhance their classes. I would also like this book to get into the hands of people who teach journalism, so if you are one of those people or know someone who is, put them on your list of people to alert about this book.

  5. spoc ko – You sound like a really good person and a really good friend. I’m seriously thinking about attending Eschacon 08 just to hear you guys speak.

  6. So, I’m sitting in Quark’s Bar with my daughter and friends on her 21st birthday having a Vulcan Mind Meld when the Klingon comes back over to our table gets down on one knee takes her hand and sings the sexiest version of Happy Birthday to her since Marilyn Monroe…in Klingonese!
    Seriously, congrats, A. On the ins and outs of promotion, spoc ko is on to something here. I live in a small town that happens to be the capitol of the state with the best liberal arts college in the west. The hometown paper is always looking for copy, book reviews, etc. Is your publisher sending promo copies? How can I find out if a bookstore up here has ordered any? I’ll buy a copy or three from the website and pass them along, you are going to put a link on First Draft? BTW, the excerpt from the book is excellent! I want to read more.
    Your writing has made me laugh and made me cry. I have some posts bookmarked. When I was acting, the “truth” was that you could make people laugh, but it takes a really good actor to make people cry.

  7. BuggyQ, I did have Mr. A take that picture. But the box arrived late at night, after two long meetings and a big glass of brandy, and I hadn’t washed my hair that day. I ain’t posting that shit.
    Spocko, you’re awesome. You had hold of this thing at the point where I was just about ready to give up on it, and you wouldn’t let me. By any means necessary, you said, and here we are.
    TX, if you e-mail me with names of the bookstores I can have the publisher send them order forms. Thanks for asking.
    All your support means a lot. It’s not an easy sell, this story, it’s not about kittens and angels who solve mysteries together, but what do we do here except pull out the stuff nobody else notices and start figuring it all out?

  8. There’s a mystery about kittens and angels!? I loved the 42 book series about the Scottish terrier and ghost solving mysteries in the Highlands! I read all 42 in, like, 3 days! (Cue You Gotta Get A Gimmick from Gypsy)
    Srsly, just ordered my two, one for me and one for my journalist nephew.
    And A., I bet that picture is adorable, bad hair or no. Nothing beams through a picture like pride and joy.

  9. My copy arrived yesterday, A — can’t wait to read it! And then it goes to my brother-in-law, who writes for the Philly Inquirer…

  10. Congratulations! This is excellent news! I’m a big dork and I’ll probably do the exact same thing whenmy book gets published.

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