Oh Yeah!

The Packers are in the NFC Championship game.

Whether throwing TDs, snowballs or urging Coach McCarthy to throw the red challenge flag…Brett was The Force


After fumbling the ball twice Ryan Grant had an incredible day rushing for a Packer playoff record 201 yards


Greg Jennings is really becoming a great receiver


What a great game.

Oh yeah…Go Giants–So that Championship game is in Lambeau!


9 thoughts on “Oh Yeah!

  1. That reminds me of why I don’t live in snow country anymore. And I was born in Wisconsin!

  2. Go Giants indeed. My first choice would be for them to win it all, but if they gotta lose, I’d rather it was to the Pack and not the Cowboys or the Pats. Ugh.

  3. Oh, and how awful were the refs in both games?
    It’s like they wanted the Seahawks and Jags to win. Terrible, terrible officiating.

  4. I kept wondering what Brett was telling Ryan Grant. Finally caught him on the NFL network being interviewed by Brian Westbrook of the Eagles and Brett was his normal silly, magnificent self. “I kept telling him to stay in the game mentally, cause we were going to give him the ball again.” Then he went on to talk about him (Favre) throwing six interceptions in a play-off game and other silliness that he’s committed.
    I know when I’m finally living in Lafayette, I’m going to find some excuse to wander up Mississippi way and see if I can stumble into Brett and just meet the guy, not the legend.
    I’m torn right now…I’m a huge Brett fan, would love to watch Eli and the Giants knock-off the Cowboys, and have become a Peyton fan after years of being exposed to his down-home silliness and fun-loving goofiness in commercials. I guess I could settle for a Colts-Packers Super Bowl and would be happy for either victor; or I will root like crazy for Brett against the incredible Patriots. But I don’t want to see Peyton vs. Eli. Not until Eli wins his own Super Bowl against someone else. I’m sure Peyton and Eli can handle the stress and pressue but I think the tension might take away from an otherwise awesome game. And if it were to turn out to be Eli vs. the Pat’s in round two, I’d be happy, but only if Brett wants to come back and have fun next year.

  5. what the hell is that snow removal machine?
    even tho, we crushed them, it looked like a fun game to be in. i think this was better than the very rainy aussie rules football game i watched.
    no, actually that halloween monday night football in chicago was a better bad weather game i saw. throwback pumpkin head uni’s.
    so nice when your tea doesn’t suck.

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