6 thoughts on “Pony-Up, Goddammit!

  1. Here’s another shocking statistic:
    Optical Scan
    Clinton 91,717—-52.9507%
    Obama 81,495—-47.0493%
    Total 173,212
    Hand Counted
    Clinton 20,889—-47.0494%
    Obama 23,509—-52.9506%
    Total 44,398

  2. Optical scan vs handcount–could there be some confounding as to which districts have one method vs another? For instance, perhaps wealthier or urban districts have optic scanners. What percentage of the vote was counted by which method might also yield some useful information.
    Just sayin’

  3. Of course, Joanie, demographic and other factors could produce misleading artifacts. Then again, Diebold is a fraud from the tip of its nose to its VERY ACTIVE rear end, where our elections come out.
    Those numbers, if correct, are IMPOSSIBLE except with a computer, and we have seen such perfect number flips before in cases where Diebold has rigged an election.
    On your second question, reportedly 80% of the NH votes went through Diebold tabulators, counted by this private company on their private/secret software, and never you worry your pretty little head about it. We’re the Deciders — you just go about your business, which is to SHOP for a candidate (while we pick the one that is RIGHT for you).

  4. I sure with that Prof. Thiel would update thePollkatz page. No update since 18 December.
    For years it has been my best source for assessing Holden’s pony situation.

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