SOTU open thread

Oyster predicts “the Gulf Coast and New Orleans will get a single, insubstantial mention.” I’m predicting there will be no mention. What do you think?

As well as any other predictions?

UPDATE:OUCH from BayouBuzz

UPDATE: Looks like Oyster has it right. From theWhite House website.

In addition, the President will honor the resilience of the people of
the Gulf Coast, and the contributions volunteers have made to the
region, by announcing that the United States will host the annual North
American Leaders’ Summit in New Orleans this April.

15 thoughts on “SOTU open thread

  1. No mention at all of the Gulf Coast. Lots of mentions of the “stim-you-less” package that will be out whenever and lots more mentions of partisan “obstrux-shun-ism”.
    (At least that’s how they’re spelled on my stolen copy of the speech!)

  2. Definitely no mention.
    However, if Bush avoids mentioning any of his failures, this will be the shortest SOTU speechevah.

  3. He’s gonna go for his hamfisted version of the wistful, elegiac moment of his last (thank Christ) SOTU, then transition into the crap he’s proud of having accomplished/wreaked.

  4. 1) I don’t think he’ll mention New Orleans at all.
    2) “We’ve had a little stumble, but the fundamentals of the economy are strong, but it will only stay strong if the tax cuts are permanent.”
    3) Staying in Iraq is somehow necessary to quashing suicide bombers in Israel, so we have to stay there until the rapture or the creation of an independent Palestinian state, whichever comes first.

  5. No mention of the Gulf Coast. He’ll blather on about how he saved Iraq from the worst tyrant evah and how he has forged the path for peace in the Middle East and everyone will remember his administration for being CRAPTACULAR! Well, maybe not that last part, but…
    I am wondering if he’ll have any off the wall pronouncements this time?

  6. Browbeat Congress for failing to give his TeleComplices immunity for illegally spying on Americans.

  7. Of course he’s going to mention New Orleans, talk about how America came to their aid when the going got rough.
    Gud barbeque, too! Heh, heh, heh.
    A thousand points of light?

  8. Uhh, Paul, if Dubya mentions ANY points of light in relation to 8-29 and after, I’m gonna wring his sorry neck. There was no frickin’ electricity for at least a month in parts of the city – and others had to wait until significant numbers of folks agitated for it to get their utilities turned back on. Just wasn’t prudent at that goddam juncture…Grrrrr…

  9. Easy Call – he hasn’t mentioned NOLA in past SOTU, he won’t this time.
    I’m also taking bets that while he’s going to hammer the stimulus package, he’s not going to explain how the oil companies made record profits (and why they needed an economic boost a couple of years ago).
    He may mention the high price of oil and the need for energy independence, but no mention on how until recently he urged more gas guzzlers, the SUV tax break, and the belief that americans should use all the oil they want to – versus how the tree hugging hippy, communist pinkos were calling for earth day 40 years ago.
    He will mention the bail out of the lending companies who wrote shady mortgages, but won’t connect that to his pressure to deregulate any and every industry.

  10. Hmmm…he’s got one NO based jazz musician on his guest list. Will there be a hat-tip? Or will inviting some poor soul allow Chimpy’s heart to flutter on toward nothingness un-twinged?

  11. Dickhead made a funny. He’s having the annual North American Leaders’ Summit in New Orleans this April. We as New Orleanians and residents of the affected Gulf Coast need to highlight his lack of leadership and empty promises. What an asswipe. He’s going to sak Ray Nagin to give the keynote speach.
    P.S. Hey George stimulate our economy: start drinking (in public) again and bet the guy that knows where you got them shoes $ 10.
    Obama, “a warmed over SOTU.” GWB must be unable to get even scab speach witers.

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