9 thoughts on “‘A Large Squirrel Predicting The Weather’

  1. (With the possible exception of “Being John Malkovich”) has there ever been a movie that has realized its concept better than “Groundhog Day”? Even as well as “Groundhog Day”?
    I’m not saying it’s the greatest movie ever (though it is certain;y a great movie). I’m saying that it is just about perfectly done; that the makers made the movie exactly right.
    Now, as to actually travelling to Pennsylvania to get up before dawn…

  2. The only reason that animal saw it’s shadow was because of all the spot lights all over the place. It doesn’t even look like it’s daylight yet in those pictures. Pshaw…

  3. I went to Paxat, PA sp? many years ago to look at the Jensen Speaker factory. Call me a cynic, but I expect it is long gone to China. After a great detailed and loving tour of the factory, the old boy I toured with brought me into a room filled with speakers of all shapes and sizes. With a shit eating grin he started blasting some good jams from the 70’s through various speakers and said “everybody loves music – it is the universal language” and with my head bopping I thought – of course he is right.

  4. Well our resident groundhog did NOT even emerge from his burrow. The females do not usually wake up during the winter but the males do to make sure the ladies are still around for some spring fun. Our guy was obviously too lazy to bother to wake up even to check out the ladies burrows.
    That said, it is going to be 60 degrees here in SE Indiana On Tuesday. We are also going to be getting spring like thunderstorms (my poor dog) and winds. That fluke twister in Indianapolis last week may be repeated this week. And we are going to be SWAMPED with bugs come summer.

  5. I have a friend with a birthday on Feb 2nd and about 10 years ago we went to Punxatawney to see the little Marmot. It was a surreal experience.
    Feb 2 was on a weekend, which I am sure contributed to the scene. The “ceremony” takes place outside the city at a place called “Gobbler’s Knob”. They literally have hundreds of buses lined up to transport people out to the Knob. We left about 10pm the night before and thousands upon thousands of people were already there. Bonfires, musical acts on the stage (of varying quality), announcements, drinking and COLD.
    The party goes all night, and quite frankly, the actual event is rather anti-climactic. They wake the poor guy up, throw him on top of the stump (the one in the movie is the same one they use).
    The dude from the “Inner Circle” – yes they actually refer to themselves as the Inner Circle and all wear Tux’s and top hats – reads one of two scrolls.
    I always felt bad for Phil. I mean, he is hibernating and we go wake his ass up for this thing. I’d be pissed. Which I am sure is why he bit the handler the time we went.

  6. My favorite Groundhog Day was a few years back when that year’s Phil was so scared by the goings-on that he shat a stream of green poo all down the arm of the dude holding him up. And it was on national TV, too. Who says groundhogs can’t be funny?

  7. The N.C. Zoo’s groundhog died in late January. Therefore, he did not see his shadow, so we get an early spring.

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