Attention Quisling Senators:

This is a bowl.

The bowl contains my nuts.

Please munch on this bowl of my nuts. And you, Jim Webb, Herb Kohl, and (especially) Daniel Inouye, you can have extra helpings. I’m very disappointed in all of you.

Thank you.



On a related note, Sen. Barack Obama is going to be speaking at the Kohl Center in Madison, WI this evening. It is, of course, named after Herb Kohl. I wonder if he’ll mention anything about today.

4 thoughts on “Attention Quisling Senators:

  1. Kohl is to the middle. but he’s no kasten, so i’ll take him.
    plus, he was a good businessman. mom still gets a kohl’s food store pension.

  2. Dear big state dem:
    I appreciate your passion for your candidate. But is a comment thread about how shitty Senate Dems can fuck off really a good place to call for people to support her?
    She couldn’t bother to show up to vote today. She’s not gonna be getting much love from people who aren’t happy about that. And where can you find those people?
    Damn spammers.

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