A List of Those So-Called Democrats Who Voted to Protect Phone Companies Instead of Your Privacy

Cloture vote passed, 69 to 29.

Dodd’s amendment failed, with the following Democrats voting with Republicans:

Bayh, Inouye, Johnson, Landrieu, McCaskill, Ben Nelson, Bill Nelson, Stabenow, Feinstein, Kohl, Pryor, Rockefeller, Salazar, Carper, Mikulski, Conrad, Webb, and Lincoln.

Hillary wasn’t there to vote.

Obama voted to support Dodd.

McCain voted, of course, with the Republicans, because he’s a maverick-y maverick who bucks the party line.

And you know, Atrios and Jane think the Democratic cave-in is about values and money, respectively, but I’m not willing to attribute to higher causes that which laziness and stupidity will adequately explain. I think these people have been told for so long there’s only one way to appeal to voters they’ve stopped listening to anyone telling them different. I think they just don’t hear it. I really do.

So we have to make them. And I know, I know, it seems like we’ve been doing that forever and ever, and why is it still THIS HARD, and why doesn’t anybody get it yet. These assholes were supposed to be on our side. They were supposed to be fighting for us. They were supposed to see the Republicans as the opposition, not the left flank of their own party. They were supposed to be better than this. We are all supposed to be better than this, and I’m pissed and exhausted and I very much want to lie down.

But when you don’t have the money and you don’t have the power and you don’t have the guns and you don’t have the strength all you’ve got is the ability to keep getting up until they get too tired to hit you again, and if that’s all we’ve got left then that’s what we’ll do. If that’s what we’ve got, that’s what we’ve got. We’ve got Dodd and Russ, and Obama, and 29 Senators who know their jobs, and the hundreds of people who wrote and who called, and the power of our votes in primaries and generals, and e-mail and text messages, and it’s not enough, apparently, but it’s what we’ve got. That list of 18 up there, that list of people? Those are the ones who have cause to be ashamed of themselves. Those are the ones who should feel like going back to bed and eating a whole bag of chocolate chips. We’ve got work to do. They’ve shown us that.


16 thoughts on “A List of Those So-Called Democrats Who Voted to Protect Phone Companies Instead of Your Privacy

  1. So why does a third, fourth or fifth party not make sense here? There are too many of ‘our’ congresspeople beholden to the same money. We need to take the ball away from both parties and get more people, and parties, into the game.

  2. Can’t I still have a bag of chocolate chips? Heh. Seriously, Athenae, you really know how to rouse the troops. You should be leading a column of protesters into the Senate right now.

  3. mothra, I wrote that wrist-deep in milk chocolate, so you go right ahead.
    I’m a Wisconsin sports fan. We know from hopeless causes.

  4. The dismal truth is that if every American was polled on this issue, with the question phrased to appeal to their fears, the would go along with just about anything from torturing POW’s to this abomination. Our Senators really do represent us, and that is the real problem.
    For far too long our churches have been preaching more about hating people with the wrong sexual habits, people who don’t see embryos as fellow citizens, and how only they know the true path to salvation, than about real morals. We have no other institutions that can shape our morals. So, we give in to our irrational fears, give up what once made our country great, and follow this path of least resistance.

  5. God*damn*. What a bunch of useless twatwaffles. What’s the use of that bunch being Democrats, if they’re actually just RIEBNs?*
    * The opposite of RINO, “Republicans In Everything But Name.”

  6. Do they not remember that they swore an OATH to uphold the Constitution? If there is a righteous god, he will judge them harshly for this.
    Let’s all send them postcards with the 4th Amendment on it. “You swore an oath to uphold THIS, you craven, pathetic excuse for a senator, not to uphold the telcos and George Dubya Bush!”
    God, and I helped campaign for Salazar. What a waste of carbon atoms he is.

  7. Hoppy. Excellent point. I’m reading a new book called The Paranoia Switch: How Terror Rewires Our Brains and Reshapes Our Behavior–and How We Can Reclaim Our Courage by the woman who wrote “The Sociopath next”, Martha Stout Ph.D. (Does she live in Crawford?)
    She talks alot about how our leaders use fear on purpose to get their way. She relates it to people how have spouses that have abused them and to people with anxiety disorders like PTSD. It is very well written and interesting.
    If we can’t SEE inside of the documents we can’t SEE that the people are LYING when they say that this was designed to protect us from terrorists.
    And if there is no financial cost to breaking the law and siding with the President in illegal activities. well they will just keep doing them.
    But it it the constant appeal to fear that just makes me tired and pissed off. And Stout’s perscription is to stand up and be more couragous.
    We stood up we were couragous, but the fear vote is rewarded again and again. Why? Because the fear mongers are still in charge. With that I’m off to get caffinated.

  8. Ok, so they have immunity. Could this be parlayed? “Now that they can’t be punished, we need to know WHAT happened, stop resisting.”? Everything doesn’t have to be sent down the memory hole just because no one can be held accountable. Does it?

  9. The senators were reaching across the aisle in the “postpolitics” spirit of Unity and Hope.
    Help support Hillaryplease.

  10. big state dem, Hillary is so concerned about this issue she didn’t bother to show up and vote today. Obama did show up, and did vote with us. Why again should I support Hillary?

  11. … immunity. Could this be parlayed? “ Yes I think it can be. They’ll go for immunity for everything they’ve ever done, or may have done in a hypothetical we’re not going to answer that question sorta way.
    Once you let them off with one they’ll expect the rest.

  12. I hope you don’t mind A if I borrow some of that rant when I write to Sen Stabenow. I just don’t think it can be improved on.

  13. The excuse now will be that we can’t reveal what they were doing and who they were spying on because that would be giving away secrets to the terrorists.
    Or the real enemy: the people who believe in the U.S. Constitution and who want to make sure that our Senators really represent us.
    The last fundraising call I got from the Dems, I said that if they backed down on FISA, they could take me off their list because hell would freeze over before I ever gave them another dime. And it will.
    I’ll give money to the Progressive Patriots — yay, Feingold! — to the ACLU — still out there fighting — and to organizations like that. But the Dems? Not one fucking dime.

    Oh, and Not. One. Inch.
    We are your troops–thank you for rallying us.

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