Your President Speaks! AGAIN!

Today, at theWhite House.

What America Has Got

America has got no stronger friend in the Middle East than Jordan.

Posessive Adjective Trouble

And we appreciate the — we appreciate your firmness when it comes to dealing with terror and extremism. We appreciate the heart when it comes to people — your heart when it comes to people who suffer.

People Are Inarticulate

In other words, there is a — people say, well, you always set — you’re hesitant to set timetables. But there happens to be a timetable as far as I’m concerned, and that is, I’m leaving office.

He’s Talking AboutElliott Abrahms and Condi Rice, Right?

Both leaders understand that a vision that respects people and promotes freedom stands in stark contrast to the extremists, who are willing to murder people to stop the advance of democracy and to, you know, dash the ambitions of the Palestinians.

When It

I understand the difficulties, but I also believe both leaders have — when it — ultimately will have the courage necessary to reach an agreement.

What We Just Got To Make Sure

We just got to make sure that it’s only one step back.

There Is Matters

Condi is out there in the region — and sometimes, you know, there’s matters going behind the scenes that aren’t apparent in the public arena.

Continuous, Contiguous, What’s The Diff?

And I said a state has got to be continuous — a contiguous territory; it can’t look like Swiss cheese.

Ah Learnt About The Ethanols On The Internets

We’re spending a lot of money on biofuels and ethanols and new ways to make ethanol.