5 thoughts on “Oops. We Forgot.

  1. Uh oh, Athenae! Beware ofDogDoug.
    In the first insider account of Pentagon decision-making on Iraq, one of the key architects of the war blasts former secretary of state Colin Powell, the CIA, retired Gen. Tommy R. Franks and former Iraq occupation chief L. Paul Bremer for mishandling the run-up to the invasion and the subsequent occupation of the country.
    Douglas J. Feith, in a massive score-settling work, portrays an intelligence community and a State Department that repeatedly undermined plans he developed as undersecretary of defense for policy and conspired to undercut President Bush’s policies.

    He’s here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and he’s all out of bubblegum.

  2. I suck. Forgot the whoring thread. I was distracted by BOOYAH OBERWEIS GOING DOWN! SUCK IT, YOU RACIST CREEP!
    Sorry, where were we? What time is it? How did I get in this bunny outfit?

  3. nothing wrong with blog whoring on sun.
    just more squirrels, mexican objects, objects, early schlitz cause pansypoo couldn’t wait. bonus art and a good encyclopedia find in regards to georgie. and pansypoo just finished vol.V of the 1891 encyclopedia brit. how many left? when do i get my history degree?

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