NOTHING Is Happening Right Now

So. About 40 things need to happen in order and I’m on number eight.

If the snow stops, and my flight isn’t cancelled …

If my laptop doesn’t get any sicker than it already is …

If O’Hare airport and American Airlines’ web site aren’t lying to me …

If I can manage to figure out where I left my cell phone charger …

If I don’t get lost in any one of the 20 ways it’s possible to get lost from here to Philadelphia …

Then throughout the weekend you will have me blogging fromEschaCon.

Said blogging may simply consist of blurry photos of Independence Hall and the word “Whooooo!” but blogging it will be, so check back often throughout the weekend.


2 thoughts on “NOTHING Is Happening Right Now

  1. Now is not the time, I know, but in the future, commit to memory:
    The Eleventh Commandment:
    ALWAYS get the extended warranty on any laptop, Apple or otherwise.
    forever and amen

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