Two Years After

They’re letting Bilal Hussein go.

TheU.S. military
said Monday it will release Associated Press photographer Bilal
Hussein, more than two years after he was detained by U.S. Marines on
suspicions of links to insurgents. The military said it has determined
Hussein is not a threat and plans to free him Wednesday.

the past week, Iraqi judicial committees dismissed all allegations
against Hussein and ordered his release. The last allegations were
dropped Sunday — a day after Hussein marked his second full year in

The AP and Hussein, 36, have denied any improper contacts and said
he was only doing his job as a journalist working in a war zone.

AP President Tom Curley expressed relief.

“In time we will celebrate Bilal’s release. For now, we want him
safe and united with his family. While we may never see eye to eye with
the U.S. military over this case, it is time for all of us to move on,”
said Curley.

A statement by Multinational Forces-Iraq said Maj. Gen. Douglas M. Stone, commander of coalition detention facilities inIraq,
signed the release order after confirming the Iraqi committee’s
decision to grant Hussein amnesty — a ruling that drops legal
proceedings but does not assume or determine guilt or innocence.

Hussein — who had been held since April, 12, 2006 — was never brought to trial.

I don’t hold out any hope, any at all, thatMichelle will issue an apology. She and her band of hsyterical assclown admirers have secret e-mail, after all, proving them right, and so will go right on making their little“Rope, Tree, Journalist”cracks without fear of looking idiotic, because really, it’s not like accuracy or fairness or human decency are important to anyone who signs her paychecks. It’s not like she has a reputation to uphold. It’s not like she has a soul to worry about losing. After two years, it’s not her, being sent out into the sunlight with a pat on the shoulder and a “Hey, our bad.”

Still, I find it curious. These are some of most advanced paranoids on the planet, who wake and sleep beneath their Star Wars sheets with visions of Islamofascist invasion dancing in their heads like sugarplums. These are people who see boogeymen around every corner, who think about nothing except how to be well-armed for the 28 Days Later sitch that only THEY can see coming. Why the hell don’t things like this make them wonder about the karmic blowback, the roar of which I can hear from my house, surely coming our way?

Think of all the people we’ve imprisoned (sorry, I’m not saying “detained,” it makes it sound like the waiter was slow with your fucking lunch) and all the people we’ve tortured and all the people we’ve blown into itty bitty little pieces. Think of all the people who knew those people, every single one of them, think of all their friends and family. And then think, if it was you? What would your parents want, for the people who’d done that to you? What would your friends want, your sister and brother, your spouse, your lover, your neighbor, your fucking garbage collector? What would all those people think, about the people who’d done things to you?

If you can’t hate what has happened to this country because you love this country, if you can’t hate it because you love the rule of law or because you love your freedoms or because you believe yourself bound to it by history and blood, maybe you can hate what has happened to this country for fearful, selfish reasons. It always amazes me that Michelle and her freakboys don’t think what I think, FUCK SHIT JESUS IF THEY WEREN’T TERRORISTS WHEN WE THREW THEM IN JAIL FOR NO REASON THERE’S ONE HELL OF A FUCKING GOOD CHANCE THEY WILL BE BY THE TIME WE ADMIT WE’RE FULL OF SHIT AND LET THEM GO JESUS GOD.


9 thoughts on “Two Years After

  1. Serial killer wanders the country killing people. He is finally caught. No trial is ever held because “…it is time for all of us to move on.” Never happen.
    Butthead is elected president. Tramples the Constitution. Orders torture of people around the world. Is finally exposed. No impeachment is ever held because “it is time for all of us to move on,” said Nancy Pelosi.
    World is insane – no just America.

  2. Note from Wingnut central: “Athenae: Please don’t suggest that in the future some of the people who were damaged in this illegal war might want to hurt us. You don’t want to give them any ideas.
    Also, if you suggest that they might want to kill us you are siding with the terrorists. Please don’t talk about it because we know that if something like this happened to us, or our wife or husband some of us would go all Charles Bronson on the people who did this.”
    We are very good talking about how to legally punish Feith. We say “war criminal” all the time. What exactly would it take to define them as War Criminals and have them punished? Because if we DON’T punish them then the rest of us are fair game for revenge. (Please don’t give them any ideas! If we don’t mention it the innocent people tortured will never think of that!) So, here is a REALLY good reason to work on getting them punished for War Crimes. We can point out to the people we tortured, “Hey, we caught the guys who did this, they are in prison. We know it won’t make up for your damage, but know that we think that what they did sucks too and we are working to punish them.” Hoepefully that will keep them from killing us as surrogates for the people who ordered the imprisonment and torture.
    I think that we can figure out ways to cost them money and to get them fired that have nothing to do with what they say. Or to cost them money for EXACTLY what they say. Because in America a real punishment for rich people is to lose money. When it isn’t as profitable to make money calling for the death of people maybe fewer people will be paid to do it.
    But, that is because I’m a civilized person. And I believe in non-violent solutions. But will these people who are wrongly sent to prison and tortured be as understanding? Might they say, “Hey I know who was behind my imprisonment and my torture and I’m going to find them and do some enhanced interrogation on them. Just to find out the names of the other people involved.
    I condemn violence. But there will be those who don’t. And maybe some people will need to be in protective custody. Not from me, but from the people that they made sure were tortured. And if this happens I can truthfully say, “I did NOT want anything bad to happen to Doug Feith, John Yoo, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Karen Huges, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, George W. Bush, Scooter Libby, David Card and the other key figures in this Administration.”. But imagine if you found out that you father was tortured for no good reason, what would you do if the person who made sure he was tortured had a nice well paying job at a Catholic University? Might you wish instead he was atoning for his mistakes instead of going on a 30 city speaking tour?
    In America we HONOR people who go all Rambo because someone killed their pa.
    Except when it is US who killed their pa. Then we hope they understand we killed their Pa for a really good reason.
    Hey what about the people who we RELEASED from Gitmo? Opps. Sorry. I hope you remember how well we treated you? On second thought we hope you DON’T remember how well we treated you.
    We have created a generation of people who hate us. Maybe multiple generations.

  3. *slow, measured applause*
    Two years is a damn long season in hell.
    Maybe it’s just because I’m wired differently to some people, but I honestly can’t imaginewanting that kind of thing to happen to somebody. Hell, I’m so full of the milk of human kindness (despite being lactose intolerant; which I suppose explains being a humane misanthrope) I actually disagree with about 90% of people out there on what the function of prison should be.
    Appealing to the Malkinoids’ sense of compassion won’t work, however, as it’s long since established that theydon’t have one. I’m not sure they’d piss on each other if they were on fire, frankly.

  4. Spocko has it. If we don’t put these Amerikkkan Kriminals under arrest tout de suite, we are as good as abetting them, when WE did NOT vote for them, WE did NOT condone this war, WE did NOT approve torture…
    I can’t tell you how SICK I am of these raging pus-filled fucktwits just ‘carrying on about their day to day’ w/o a g’damned care about anything other than their ever-increasing offshore accounts when the rest of us are struggling to keep a roof over our heads, gas in our tanks and food on our tables.
    Where’s fourlegs…I need to talk to him about a farm implement. (and skritch the kiddenz to lower my blood pressure)

  5. This one deserves the slow clap. (No, Michelle, not that kind of clap.)
    Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Cousin Ernie. It’s a good thing I have beef jerky to chew on, or my teeth would be grinding to dust right now.
    I used to be in favor of the death penalty, at least in the most egregious cases. But that was when I still had some faith that our government would only execute those who *really* deserved it.
    Not any more.

  6. Of course, the saddest thing is that even if they acknowledged this obvious truth, their response would be to say, “Well, then, we shouldn’t let them out at all, should we, if they’re just going to get all angry and terrorist on us as a result?”

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