Won’t Someone Think Of The Gay Ferrets?

They think of you. Naked:

Now the Beastmaster actually stands up pretty well, as far as bad 80’s movies goes. Its cheesy as all hell, but its still fun in pretty much the same way that Xena was. But I did notice a small issue with the ferrets.

You see, I saw this movie when I was a child, and it convinced me that I wanted a pet ferret. This same movie convinced my parents that no such thing was going to happen. In fact, due to a variety of reasons I had been unable to get a pet ferret until about four years ago. And last week was the first time that I have seen this movie since acquiring a set of the furry little kleptomaniacs.

For those of you unfamiliar with this movie, the main character, a young man named Dar, fights against the forces of evil with the help of his animal companions. He communicates with them telepathically and they help him in a wide variety of ways during his adventures.

Amongst his animal companions are two ferrets named Podo and Kodo. These critters are portrayed as a couple from their first scene. In fact by the end of the movie they are shown to have children together.

The only problem is that they are both boy ferrets.


13 thoughts on “Won’t Someone Think Of The Gay Ferrets?

  1. We have four Lesbian kittehs. Does this count? Are the cross-wearers going to burn us out since we harbor these creatures of Satan?
    Oops! Betts and I are also considered Satan’s minions. Definitely gonna be a major bonfire at the homestead. Bring marshmallows…

  2. Oh, can I confess I remember this movie very, very, fondly? I loved that actor, whoever he was. He also starred in a fantastic acrobatic version of the taming of the shrew.

  3. At least the movie didn’t convince you to get a Tiger !!!
    I remember hearing that the Lassie dogs were all boys (including seeing Lassie weaning her / his pups.

  4. Rip Torn.
    How can it get any better?

  5. Marc Singer, veteran of that other 80’s craptacular…V! A miniseries so bad all the other letters abandoned the title.
    Also brother of Lori Singer, the love interest in Footloose.
    I have brain cells that could be at work on a cure for cancer, but this is what they’re doing instead.

  6. oh come on, V wsn’t that bad! I think it can be seen as the forerunner of BSG in some ways.

  7. BuggyQ, I am with ya! 🙂 I am who folks want on their classic Trivial Pursuit team…LOL!
    Nollidge of ephemera? I haz it!
    (oh, the Cure show last night?!?!? PHENOM!!! Seats were floor, about 110 feet from Robert Smith…drool!!! I had wicked awesome eyemakeup (a la Siouxsie), sadly my well-sprayed hair didn’t behave – except for the fact, the ‘hair’ I wanted last night finally showed up on my head when I woke up this morning…LOL!!! It was classic R Smith! Now I know – take the day of the concert off, over spray the hair and nap…awake and the perfect Cure coif!! Tonight is Eddie!!! YUM!!!! And I am taking a flag!!!)

  8. Yes, because not all of us are cut out for Guitar Hero. (however, if they come out w/a Cure-music-based version – I am IN!)

  9. Okay, aimai, I’m going out on a horrific limb here and admitting that…I still have V on VHS, and almost bought it on DVD last year. But it is *almost* that bad. Which is part of why I love it so. Cheesy beyond belief.
    I also own Melanie Griffith’s Shining Through. (One of my favorite Esquire Dubious Achievement Awards went to Griffith, with the headline “You tell her about the dinosaurs…” after she said something to the effect of being amazed that all those Jews died in the Holocaust.) How they made such a bad movie out of such a good book, I’ll never know…

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