It’s About Time: Catholic Edition


The only reason scumbags like Donohue get away with claiming to represent all Catholics, or all “people of faith,” or all Christians, is that no one else is out there being accessible and public with a dissenting view. You’d be stunned how many stories of the type we deride as stupid and shallow are the result of simply not being able to get somebody on the phone. Yeah, sometimes it’s laziness, sometimes it’s willful stupidity, but sometimes it’s simply, “WHOASHIT I need to get this filed NOW” and Bill Donohue will always make himself available to fill the slot you need for “Catholic ‘authority’ commenting on elections.”

An ever-wider availability of alternative voices will make it that much harder for the last to be used as a defense, and the more actual grown-ups forcing themselves into the discourse will help edge the likes of Donohue out.


3 thoughts on “It’s About Time: Catholic Edition

  1. So true. Reporters will always go for the dial-a-quote services when they’re on deadline. And when someone gets quoted a lot, they show up in the searches and get quoted more…

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