Willie B per request

Via Athenae comes word that some FD readers were wondering what Wilie B has been up to. So here is a minute and a half answer — with Willie B set to Fred Astaire’s “Things Are Looking Up”–though I have no idea what he was up to here…

11 thoughts on “Willie B per request

  1. oh my. He’s grown! His tail is about a mile long!
    What’s he looking at? Bugs?
    And that window shade cord is obviously a threat- it was completely sneaking up on him.
    very handsome feline

  2. virgo…I’m not sure what he was looking at. I didn’t see a bug but maybe there had been one up there earlier…

  3. The Golden Horde here watched the video. They think Willie B. is a long lost brother.
    Now they are staring at the blinds and the curtains.

  4. Oh, Ceiling Cat, you are so very, very big…
    Either that, or cat ghosts.

  5. Willie B. had a nice meditative communication with the Ceiling Cat, I think. I love his matching bracelets. What a long-leggity, sleek grownup cat he got to be.
    Peace, V.

  6. He’s looking for the best evacuation route of course – and claiming the high ground.

  7. Remember, they can see thingswe cannot, even things that are not there…

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