Yeah, They Could At Least Throw In The Health Care

So long as we’re doing Stalinism, apparently:

I would throw in the ecstatic rightwing support for police state government powers (and I’m not talking about the fringe – the line starts at Andrew Sullivan and includes every Republican Congressperson save one) to make a larger point. On the subject of government power, the reversal was so extreme that it was like watching the GOP step out of a bodysnatcher pod. It became obvious America doesn’t have a conservative party any longer. There aren’t even that many conservatives; if it was Jews most cities couldn’t form a minyan. In the late Bush era, if you count out the fringe parties we have on the one hand reformed ‘conservatives’ whose domestic and foreign policy amounts to stalinism minus the healthcare, and on the other hand you have Democrats.

We’ve had about sixteen things go wrong in one week, and I was talking offline about this with some people, but what Democrats aren’t grasping entirely is just how fucking fucked we are, as a country, when governed with this kind of selfish “fuck you, I got mine and you ain’t getting yours” mentality. Governed by fear, governed by rage, governed by suspicion, governed by our worst instincts and darkest thoughts and most batshit worst-case scenarios. Governed by the people who, on balance, looked at the numbers and said fuck it, let’s go pack this in, it’s Miller time, and so what if a few more die while we chill?


3 thoughts on “Yeah, They Could At Least Throw In The Health Care

  1. The fiasco with Yoo and Addington sitting in front of a Congressional committee, under oath, but perfectly willing to stick a middle finger up every few seconds shows what happens when you say “impeachment is off the table”. It is the same as saying prison sentences are off the table, then wondering why more crime occurs. All Pelosi did with that statement was bend over and say please.
    Obama, unfortunately, is more attuned to being sure he gets elected, than to defending the Constitution. Unlike those who like the idea of the 2nd amendment meaning we are all on our own, with our guns, against the world, I consider the Supreme Court’s ruling to be at least as bad as the FISA bill on the verge of becoming law. Obama chose to give up his principles and agree that we all need a six shooter to kill bad guys, and we need to eavesdrop on everyone’s email, phone conversations and cell phone conversations because somewhere, someone might be talking about doing a bad thing to us.
    Some days I believe I am the only person in this country who understands the Constitution.

  2. I don’t think Congress gets how bad they suck. They have an 18% approval rating for a reason. BECAUSE THEY F$CKING SUCK!!! They are so shot through with the poison of DC conventional wisdom even the good things they do end up coming wrapped in a hard candy shell of suck.
    One huge disappointment I have with the Democratic Congress is how little they work compared to what would be considered hard work. We all know that the last Republican Congress was historically lazy but Democrats rolled into power and decided to define hard work as Laziest Congress Ever + a little bit. THAT’S BULLSHIT.
    I hear so much blather from this group of Dems about forming a new Truman Committee. Well F#CK A DUCK the original Truman Committee to investigate fraud and abuse during WWII started with $15,000 in funding and Sen. Truman driving his own sorry ass to defense contracting plants unannounced to see for himself what was going on. He didn’t TALK about investigating. He INVESTIGATED.
    From NARA: “From its creation in 1941 until its expiration in 1948, the committee held 432 public hearings and 300 executive sessions, went on hundreds of field trips, and issued 51 reports.”
    That’s about one public hearing a week and one public report a month for the duration. We’re 5 years and half a trillion dollars into this war and this Congress just passed legislation forming a commission to investigate fraud and abuse.
    From a Sen. Webb press release: “This Commission was inspired by the work of the “Truman Committee…”
    Inspired by actual events? Nice movie-of-the-week you jerkoffs. If only the actual WORK that was done by past Congresses served as an inspiration you LAZY M5THERF$CKERS!!! YEEEAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!

  3. I think George Orwell put it well in his essay on Kipling: “Those who now call themselves Conservatives are either Liberals, Fascists or the accomplices of Fascists.”
    Kipling was indeed a Conservative, but he as not a Fascist. His line about “lesser breeds without the Law” is so often taken out of context. He was not referring to the third world, but to the proto-fascist pan-German movement. The phrase, as Kipling used it, captures my attitude towards George Bush, a truly lawless man at the head of a truly lawless movement.

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