‘Not Even From A President on Mount Rushmore’

Good Christ I love this man:

Most agree that this law needs to be modernized, as it has been many times over the years. But this time, the president is asking Congress to do something much more: to shield the telecoms from any judicial review of their actions. He wants Congress to declare spying without a warrant both constitutional and necessary to defend this country.

It is neither.

That is why I have done everything I can to stop retroactive immunity from being included in the FISA bill. As written, this bill does not say, “Trust the American people.” It does not say, “Trust the courts and judges and juries to come to just decisions” about what happened at the telecoms. Rather, retroactive immunity sends this message:

“Trust me” — a message that comes straight from the mouth of President Bush. I would never take “trust me” for an answer, not even in the best of times. Not even from a president on Mount Rushmore.


8 thoughts on “‘Not Even From A President on Mount Rushmore’

  1. I’m actually willing to consider full immunity, sometime after full disclosure. FULL disclosure.

  2. pansypoo, we must teach his enablers too.
    One man alone didn’t do this.

  3. Note to Obama: Dodd has a lot of talent and would be excellent choice for a large number of tasks.

    we should at the gates of the white house with pitchforks and torches.

  5. Bob Ostertag came up with a really good way to send the message to Obama – donate to Feingold instead.
    Here’s the story link.
    To which I would add, if you agree with his premise (and I think it’s a good one): why not do the same for Dodd?

  6. $$ time and love to Dodd and Feingold. Check. Great ideas! (Dodd still has to pay off his Presidential run — just like Edwards and Clinton).

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