FISA Debate Crack Van

Live feed here once it begins. Debate is today, votes are tomorrow, thanks to Jesse Helms’ funeral. Call your Senators.

I don’t know how much I’ll be able to be around during the day today, so play nicely. Whoever’s not driving, make sure everybody’s strapped in.

Update: Van closed. Thanks to all who liveblogged during the day. The van will reopen tomorrow for the voting. In the meantime, readGlenn:

The political class has made as clear as can be that it is intent on supporting a limitless erosion of core constitutional liberties and the creation of a two-tiered justice system that exempts the political elite from the rule of law. Neither the “opposition party” nor the establishment media are the slightest bit interested in, or capable of, stopping any of that. Battling against that is the responsibility of citizens who find these political trends dangerous and intolerable.

Because that about covers it.


3 thoughts on “FISA Debate Crack Van

  1. Bob Ostertag came up with a really good way to send the message to Obama – donate to Feingold instead.
    Here’s the story link.
    To which I would add, if you agree with his premise (and I think it’s a good one): why not do the same for Dodd?
    (Sorry for the duplication; I first posted this on the Dodd story, then realized it really belonged here.)

  2. Thanks for the forum, A. This sucks so bad I can hardly believe what’s about to happen.
    I can’t wait to find out how much it cost the telecom companies to buy our Constitutional rights. You think it could ever be enough to make thecrazy anti-tax lady think twice?

  3. Michael-others have been bandying that same type of idea around as well. Whoever you send the money to, it needs to be accompanied by a “:cc” or parallel message to the Obama campaign.
    After the last FISA go ’round, I sent two messages (one via email, one a call to regional fundraising organizers) that Obama had my vote, but not my blood,sweat, money- that was going to Blue America.

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