How a Cheeshead does it

I share Athenae‘s interest in stupid criminal stories. In her post below A asks which state has the cheeseheads again? Indeed! I read thisWisconsin State Journal story last night and I must say this WI man has some panache. I mean has a Dewey decimal number ever been integral to a ransom note before?

A McFarland man was arrested after police said he stole a woman ‘s
purse and camera, then mailed her a ransom note demanding she leave
$300 in a certain library book if she wanted to see the items again.

On June 3, she found the ransom letter in her mailbox. Its opening
words were: “Is having your purse, all its contents and the camera back
worth something to you?”

The letter instructed her to put three
$100 bills in page 100 of a book titled, “The Hockey Handbook, ” at the
McFarland library “by 7 p.m. Wednesday, ” the next day, and “all your
things will be returned to you by Thursday. ” Helpfully, the note even
included the Dewey decimal number for the book.


Police said Divita confessed after being shown the video and ransom
letter. The complaint said he told police it was “thrilling ” to find
the purse as he wandered the neighborhood after visiting some bars,
adding that it was “very exciting ” when he got the idea the next day
to “fashion a ransom note, ” rather than go to work.

before even mailing the letter, Divita put the woman ‘s purse by a
trash bin near a custard shop, he told police, just as he promised he
would do in a second note found in the library book. Crowe confirmed
the purse was found there, all its contents intact except the $1 bill.

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  1. funny. of course my mom left her purse where it could be grabbed. took to the ‘info’ table of the art fair. she hadn’t noticed it was gone.

  2. I like this blog for the humor although I don’t count on it. It is so pleasant to find.

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