On Donohue and this whole PZ Myers pig fuck:

For such a staunch defender of Catholicism, it seems that Donohue doesn’t know much about it. His views consistently fall more with Protestant fundamentalists, and I’m increasingly suspicious that he’s less a true believer with his head up his own ass and more a right wing operative trying to increase the political power of the religious right by luring Catholics into the fold. The irony of all this is that the agenda is basically to turn America into a theocracy where the rights of atheists are threatened. Trying to orchestrate the public firings of prominent atheists because they are atheists is part of that, as is the hat tip to a fundie-not-Catholic view of evolutionary theory.

Chew this over with me a bit. The reason Donohue is adopting fundamentalist Protestant constructions and tactics is because his aim, like those of fundamentalist activists like Dobson and the unlamented Falwell, is not doctrinal adherence or political advancement but personal power. Validation of his poisonous narcissism. A mirror to make out with.

It’s not about respect for the Communion rite or the wafer itself. Donohue could give a fuck that Myers disrespected the Body of Christ. He’s not in this to make PZ Myers respect the Eucharist. If he was, he wouldn’t be screaming publicly for Myers’ head, he’d be attempting some kind of education, with his own being a healthy dose of understanding that nobody is really required to respect your traditions and beliefs. It would be nice if they did, but by doing so they are basically doing you a favor. Myers broke no rule Myers is required to follow here.

This also isn’t necessarily about political power, though. That his advocacy benefits the right wing shouldn’t persuade us that he’s really a winger at heart. That his goals dovetail with those of all the greatest assholes of our time is a happy coincidence for them and for him; however, he shouldn’t think for one minute they’re gonna invite him to their parties once his usefulness has lapsed and truth be told, I don’t think he does. I’ve said before that lots of the “conservatives” on the wingnut welfare circuit would be liberals in a flash if there was an equally easy buck to be made there. After all, public conversions from one political persuasion to another are worth millions in street cred with the “serious” press corps, it’s just that the love comes quicker when you decide that Satan has better hors d’oeuvres and burn your Democratic Party badges and sash for a taste of Republican cocktail weenie.

What Donohue is after is seeing Donohue’s name everywhere he can plaster it, seeing himself on TV, hearing his voice raised in the wilderness, the lone arbiter of theological truth. Even other Catholics think he’s a fascist, and he makes a royal pain in the ass out of himself because he loves to hear himself talk. Taking it any more seriously than that with these guys is giving them more credit than they deserve. It’s not about religion and it’s not about politics. As with so many other tentacles hanging off the right-wing beastie, it’s about them.

Which doesn’t make it better, of course. It makes it worse.



7 thoughts on “Narcissus

  1. Donohue could give a fuck that Myers disrespected the Body of Christ.
    Myers didn’t “disrespect” shit.Myers impolitely pointed out that issuing death threats to someone who made a stupid, clueless, college-kid mistake (that would be Webster Cook) is batshit insane. Myers got death threats (four and counting) for pointing out that issuing death threats is batshit insane. Myers said, essentially, “Fine, fuck you all, if you’re going to be like that, I’llreally show you some ‘disrespecting.'”
    BUTso far, other than writing a few inflammatory posts and soliciting some supportive e-mail, Myers hasn’t done anything.
    Just so we’re clear.

  2. “I’m increasingly suspicious that he’s less a … right wing operative trying to increase the political power of the religious right by luring Catholics into the fold.”
    well, duh! i recognized that when he came out of the shoot the first time around.

  3. well, cr@p, that’s what i get for trying to be a clever smartypants.
    please delete the word “less” from my pasted quote.

  4. Having grown up independent Baptist (the Southern Baptists were too liberal) and now Catholic, I can’t help but notice what seems a growing trend in all denominations as well as in Judaism (and I don’t know enough about trends in other religions).
    I call it “take no prisoners” religion and seems to be tied hand-in-hand with a marked fundamentalism and demand that all others act as if they agreed.

  5. I thought about posting something about this “controversy,” and decided not to. Maybe I will, but until then…
    Meyers and Donahue deserve each other. Each is only interested in power, each is as “fundamentalist” and zealous in the urging of their opinions on others, each is as equally convinced no one should think or hold opinions that they do not agree with.
    A plague on both their houses.

  6. Donahue is clearly in the camp of those who want all the Jewish people in Israel so they can all die, and thus hasten the second coming.
    He’s also entirely transparent to those who didn’t grow up catholic and so don’t know the guilt code.

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