It’s Never Too Late

A 108-year-old blogging voice goes quiet:

Olive Riley’s been keeping me young.

Her example says; if a woman who left school in 1914, can embrace the internet in her 106th year, what is there you can’t do, friend?

John McCain should take note. He’s not Internet literate yet, apparently.

My parents both died tragically young, Dad at 59, and Mum at 65.

As I passed their death dates, I had the feeling of having reached the family age limit, of being on the downward slope. That is till I met Ollie.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late

  1. “Who’s on your blogosphere?”
    I’ve been thinking about community a lot lately, for various reasons.
    The seniors (“oldies”)/ technology / change/digital divide piece is not the whole story here.
    The other piece is about community. Why she reached out, not just how.

  2. My beautiful Aunt C. will turn 107 next week (Canadian healthcare rocks), and she still writes music for piano – though not on her own baby grand anymore since she had to give up living on her own and move into a community living centerthree years ago.
    McCain’s got no excuse – for anything.

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