Video Response to Conservative Mythmaking of Not a Drop of Oil was Spilled

Conservativescontinue to justify off shore drilling by arguing there were no oil spills due to Katrina. Yet there were. I direct you toOyster at Your Right Hand Thief who wrote

Actually, there were at least146 reported spills in Federal waters after Katrina and Rita, totaling over700,000 gallons, the equivalent of seven “MAJOR” spills. Hereare 43 satellite pictures of giant oil slicks in the Gulf of Mexico after Katrina, stretching for scores of miles.

Worse, EIGHT MILLION gallons spilled out of Louisiana oil facilities after the storms. (The famous ExxonValdez spill totaled 11 million.)

How is this not causing “a single oil spill”?

Excellent question!

Conservatives want to remind us and ask us to remember there were no major oil spills, with some contending not a drop was spilled. Indeed let’s remember. I offer the video below in order to do such. The video contains portions of video from photojournalistDavid Leeson of the Dallas Morning News who covered the aftermath and clean up of the Murphy Oil Spill in Challmette, Louisiana which occured when a storage tank was dislodged and damaged.

UPDATE: While conservatives try to argue there were no spills in the Gulf as proof that the off shore rigs are safe they ignore that therewere spills in the Gulf. They of course fail to mention the vulnerabilties of pipelines and storage facilities which when damaged have consequences as shown in the video below. But they don’t mention that.
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5 thoughts on “Video Response to Conservative Mythmaking of Not a Drop of Oil was Spilled

  1. virgotext…Sky Truth had some technical difficulties so Oyster’s link was no longer working. I tracked the link down and fixed it in this post at least. Hopefully Oyster won’t mind

  2. Thanks for posting this Scout. I’ve been dreaming of McCain’s words voicing over pictures of the damage.
    I really loved the reporter’s description of 200 foot waves and 300 mph winds. What is that, a category 25 or so?
    BTW – CNN is reporting that one of the recipients of diverted Katrina survival materials are the casinos and gaming commission.
    Perhaps not as bad as it sounds as they did say that they were saving these for future problems.

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