Wrong Track

Shorter America: WE’RE FUCKED:

The survey, released Tuesday, also set a new AP-Ipsos floor for the number of people saying the country is heading in the right direction. Just 16 percent said the country is moving the right way, a virtual tie with the 17 percent who said so last month.

But Chris Matthews still thinks he’d like to have a beer with George Bush’s manly characteristic!

In my life I’ve never seen a political narrative so completely divorced from reality. If this was Bill Clinton … hell, this WAS Jimmy Carter only not as bad, and they were screaming for his head. Instead it’s all “how can Bush make it all better, daddy?” and “can he salvage something, we desperately hope, so that WE can end the decade not having been the asshole in the story?”

I’ve never been one to publicly deplore journalistic gawking at train wrecks, mainly because the people who do that kind of thing, “isn’t it awful how we cover disaster, quite the scum are we” are mostly looking to show off how superior they are as human beings. We could use some healthy train-wreck gawking here, some relish for the story of something so completely fucked up. We could use a little energy and enthusiasm for exposing every nasty corner of the complete and total miserable failure that has been the last eight years.

Instead of gawking, though, instead of pointing out how the train’s, like, on fire, and goats are escaping, and the rest of the cargo just blew up, and here’s why it went off the rails in the first place, the rails were old and warped and the engineer was going too fast and also really fucking dumb, and drunk, and his crew was a bunch of kindergarten dropouts and whatnot, no instead of that, we get ponderous thumbsuckers on how with just one more big push the conductor will right the trainusing only the powers of his mind. It’s pathetic.


8 thoughts on “Wrong Track

  1. The most astonishing thing to me is that as the country plows deeper & deeper into the iceberg, Bush continues to hold pressers where he boldly announces his plan to DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
    He’s turned into a degraded combination of Coolidge & Hoover, with none of Coolidge’s charm or Hoover’s brains.
    And yet there are no calls for his head for this. Any other president, Republican or Democrat, would have tried SOMETHING by now; hell, even Nixon felt compelled to institute a commie wage & price freeze when the economy looked it was tanking and things were 100 times better than they are now.
    This is truly the triumph of Norquistism – government is the enemy, nothing government does can be positive, so the best thing the government can do is nothing. And it’s killing us.
    And, as you point out, whatever Bush does — or doesn’t do — our psychosexually twisted pundit class keep their eyes glued on the prize — the president’s crotch. “The president sure sounded manly today!” “Well, that was a tough speech!” “Manly & tough, what a combo!”
    etc etc

  2. Movement Conservatism’s ideological failure is also its own perverse justification for more of the same: come witness the suckiness inherent in the system; let’s deregulate more!

  3. Hi A,
    I’d say that rather than gawking at train wrecks, you are standing on the track with flares and contacting the engineer by phone.
    Admittedly, this gets into the areas of journalism vs. activism which you brought up yesterday. But that is the problem I’ve always had with ethics – the real cases that need ethical analysis are difficult and nuanced. But the ethical classes deal with the obvious that I wouldn’t need ethics classes for in the first case (do I rob a bank or not? Ethics class says that is bad. I guess I won’t.).

  4. the media created georgee. look at how long it took for frankenstein to wake up. and and and he is the special ed preznit. CAN’T PICK ON RETARDS. SO LEAVE GEORGEE ALONE.
    the media can’t let go and they are rich. they luvs tax cuts. so go away now.

  5. Of course we’re on the right track.
    While at lunch, Heard on NPR that the new CPI figures are out and inflation is the worse it has been for 17 years. So I started thinking.
    17 Years ago – 1991
    President: Bush
    Inflation: High
    Deficit: High
    Stock Market: OK but not great. But need to interpret in light of the inflation.
    Setting up the economy for the next president.
    Now – 2008
    President: Bush in his last year in office
    Inflation: High
    Deficit: High
    Stock Market – Blech !
    Setting up the economy for the next president.
    Kind of similar. In between, within a year of taking office Clinton had reduced the deficit and the market was going like gangbusters with a relatively low rate of inflation.

  6. Isn’t 16% about the same percentage of American’s who believe that the Sun orbits the Earth?

  7. But Grunt – looking at General and Special Relativity, either the sun orbiting the earth or the earth orbiting the sun would explain the facts.
    But I agree with your point – Look at mandatory teaching of intelligent design in Oklahoma.

  8. The thing that astonishes me most is that McCain’s support in the general election polls is any higher than that same 16%. How is it possible to believe at the same time that we’re fucked and that we need a new president who will continue the exact some policies that fucked us up so badly?

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