And just how exactly is that suppose to work?

Far too often I’ve read arguments that New Orleans should be relocated rather than rebuilt. Of course there are many reasons to reject that argument butthis goes to the point of the practicality of such…

ST. LOUIS —Weeks after massive flooding in
the Midwest, at least five states are considering federally funded
buyouts so residents can move to higher ground.


But FEMA expects more requests for buyouts than it can accommodate. (my emphasis)

5 thoughts on “And just how exactly is that suppose to work?

  1. I live in Denver and will fight if all of Missouri wants to move to our higher ground. I think we should mobilize the Colorado National Guard on 1-76 and 1-70 on the Nebraska and Kansas border.

  2. It has been done before for small towns – for example, New Franklin, MO is above the flooded out former site of Franklin on the Missouri River.
    Of course, elevations change quicker in the rolling hills than they do on a river delta.
    Of course, NOLA is much bigger and you need a port on the mouth of the major river for the USA. Can you imagine if all shipping had to come way up the river to St. Louis?

  3. Hopefully NOT in my lifetime we will see more and more of this as formerly habitable areas are underwater, toxic, too hot, too dry, too far from food sources and above all to far from fresh water. national guard indeed.

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