Pretty America: Wyoming Edition

Indian Paintbrush, in the Grand Tetons

So. I just got back from a trip across the country. I saw some pretty things. I also saw Nebraska. But I’ll put up a photo or two in the coming days from the trip. Hell, I might even remember what it was and where I took it. Because you, our readers, deserve the best.

5 thoughts on “Pretty America: Wyoming Edition

  1. Nebraska has great beauty to offer those who are willing to see. Consider the beauty of the sandhill cranes, who make Nebraska their home for six or seven weeks every year, as they have for thousands of years. Nothing is more beautiful than to see/hear the cranes along the Platte River at sunset. There’s beauty in the wales left by the covered wagons as they traveled west, but in order to appreciate it, you have to appreciate the richness of the American experience and the individual strength of those who went west.
    All places have natural beauty…open your eyes, and mind, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  2. I am originally from Nebraska and have driven across it a number of times.
    I always thought it was pretty ugly, at least the part you can view from Interstate 80.

  3. Driving home to Washington state after leaving New Orleans, it was in Nebraska, driving along the Platte, that was the most beautifully serene: all blue and green and yellow, corn and sky and sunflowers. It was like a Van Gogh painting.
    Wyoming and Montana have their towering and rocky beauties – and Indian Paintbrush – but then there are the defunct Uranium mining towns and the belching copper smelters with their enormous Anaconda pit mines.
    At least to this beholder’s jaundiced eye.

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