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  1. I don’t drive; I use New York City public transit (buses and subway) or walk. In extreme situations I take a taxi.

  2. 1992 Honda Civic with dead AC and dead power steering.
    2003 Specialized Crossroads converted to an XtraCycle, upgraded bars to 45cm Nitto Rando, swapped tires to 26×2.35 Big Apple (Nokians in winter), recently upgraded saddle to Brooks. Use it for commuting/groceries, minimum 50 miles/week, every week.Photo, pre-Brooks, mid-winter, carrying a 4-foot level I found on the road.
    Also ride (sometimes) a renovated 1960s Capo, a used mountain-biking tandem, and aWW2-vintage Raleigh 3-speed I rescued from the trash (I stole the saddle back to put it on the Capo, deciding that for a quick-and-go bike, I did not want an obvious theft magnet).
    And sometimes, I ride one, towanother.
    I keep waiting for everyone else to realize “holy crap, I’m getting fat, and we’re sending all our oil money to some places that aren’t our friends”.

  3. 2001 BMW 325xi. AKA dog wagon. I can fit three big dogs in the back and it is the only vehicle they will willingly enter, I will never get rid of it for that reason alone. And, yes, they are 110% spoiled rotten.
    2001 Dodge 4WD Dakota truck, farm vehicle, less than 1000 miles a year on that one.
    2005 Dodge Stratus plain old transport for work once a week to and from Cinci airport (55 miles one way).
    Wish I could do without them, but living 6 miles from town in a rural area you need some sort of vehicle to drive groceries, dog food, and lumber back to the farm.

  4. 2007 Ford Focus ZX5 – I love my little car! Now that I am moving back into town, my gas consumption will go to a third of my current usage! 🙂 And, being a trim little car (but still roomy inside), it will nestle in to city parking very easily.
    Once I am settled in, I want to buy a bicycle to further lessen gas usage and get my legs a workout. 🙂

  5. I am typing this from the Subaru dealer waiting room. The 2007 Forester is getting the oil changed. Reliable car, not flashy. I am silly enough to want all-wheel drive “just in case”.

  6. 2000 Ford Focus wagon. AC is currently out, I’m getting the driver’s side rearview repaired next week.
    Being identified as “i am what I drive?” Over that years ago. Starting to train myself to learn about the new crop of cars though, because I will need to get one sometime and want to know what I’m shopping for
    Meantime, the battered lil wagon gets great mileage, lots of room for dogs, hiking equipment, spare pair of boots, camera gear, etc.
    Oh, and best part: PAID FOR.

  7. Just got a Prius about 2 months ago. I love it. The backing-up camera is really cool. And the 55 MPG (city) is not too shabby.

  8. 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 extended cab. Not 4x; 5.2 litre automatic. Dark driftwood, headache rack.
    Needs a tune-up soon, and the clear-coat’s going on the roof and the hood. Had some hard water on it a few times. 130,000 miles on its clock and still strong as the day I bought it. Carries six plus gear, still looks elegant, hasn’t cost me a dime except for gas, oil, and one set of tires in five years. What’s not to love?

  9. A 2002 Saturn VUE. So people can tell that I’m a Caucasian before I get out of the car. (To compensate, the radio is always tuned to WWOZ — wwoz.org for those in America.)

  10. 2006 Maserati…oh, you mean seriously? Ok, a 2002 PT Cruiser, purchased second hand to replace a Ford Ranger Pickup, with the requirement that it had to have room in the back for my beloved old Golden Retriever, who only lasted a year afterwards. But, he really enjoyed that car, and took many trips to see his best friend “Fresno”, a little mutt he knew since Fresno was a puppy.

  11. 2006 Scion xB
    The perfect evacuation vehicle. It is a tiny city car that car park anywhere and yet easily holds an enormous amount of stuff.
    You can see Holden’s pony on the back hatch above!

  12. Virgotex – I hear you on the ‘I am what I drive’. My mom kept badgering me about “when are you going to get a new car???” That was back when I had one my old MX-6 (and when I had the Escort). They (mom & step-dad) are almost chronic car buyers. My old 92 ‘scort was on it’s last legs in 2000 and needed a new engine and other things, and I ditched it for the gently used, but used none-the-less MX-6. It held up rather well needing general maint. and some replacements. I loved it, it was paid for (as was the escort before it).
    When it started getting too costly to replace bits, I looked into a truly new auto. When I showed up at my folks’ door w/my new Focus, they were equal parts delighted that I had a new car and disheartened because it wasn’t something flashy… I don’t ‘do’ flashy. I just want a car that I can afford, afford to fuel and that will fit in most any parking space. I didn’t want a fancy sedan, I didn’t want a sportscar. I wanted a car that suited me and my needs.
    It will be nice to have it for the move and tote boxes and tubs. It works great for transporting cakes, something a flashy sedan would have left me fretting over the backseat or wondering if I could put a cake in the trunk(?!?!).
    Unlike the old escort, I am staying on top of oil changes/maintenance, so I plan on this car lasting me much longer.
    Maybe my car is a representation of me afterall – decent looks, multifunctional, not expensive, and fits well into city life! 🙂 (and loves roadtrips!)

  13. Oh Ray, and all the other fab Y’ats – I WISH I could get WWOZ on my car radio, just a couple hundred miles out of range… I have a button set for it, so that when I next pop into range, it’s ON! 🙂 I wonder if I fired up my laptop (and had the car charger), I could get fairly consistent broadband card delivery for my road trips until I got into range?
    I listen to WWOZ.org pretty much every day at work via my laptop/broadband card (since the office got stinky over it slowing down their network), it keeps me sane! 🙂

  14. I am a long time VW owner. have had four, each one for many many years/miles. Loved them.
    Then I relocated and got a car with my job…an Olds Bravada (think Blazer but with leather etc). It is a mid SUV ish kind of thingy. SO not my style. Automatic, cruise control, heated seats, yada yada yada.
    Now the embarrassing truth. It is the best ca I have ever owned. I can get in and out easily (I am 6 ft 4 and 51 so don’t like doing yoga each time I get in and out of a car) and it rides nice, and has never, ever given me trouble in three years…and not having a car payment makes the gas a little less ouchiee.
    I do only drive it to and from work, and M-F take it from the closest subway station out to my office (in the ex-urbs) so I don’t even have it in the City during the week…but still. It’s too big.
    OH, and it’s that funny beige-gold-silver color that means I don’t EVER wash it. nice since we have a drought.

  15. lb, I really am looking into Scions- they get a lot of hype, but they do offer a wide variety of options. I hope they offer more than one hybrid by the time I am ready to buy.
    Elspeth- have you considered podcasts, or recording the radio streams from those stations (shareware out there that can do this), then listening to yous ipod via FM transmitter in the car? That’s where I listen to Rachel maddow’s show- via podcast in the car., also dan savage, and my other fav. podcasts.

  16. 2001 toyota camry, which i shove a art tent, art, chairs, cooler, ect. but i’d rather have my 72 or 73 oldsmobile delta 88. i could haul 50 x 60in paintings in those babies. plus it was driving on a couch. i miss my couch.

  17. A 2005 Prius w/ over 120,000 miles – work and commuting to AR for family. Best car ever
    A Specialized Sirrus commuter bike /w rack and panniers
    A Gary Fisher off road (no mountains in FL)
    A Scattante mail order road bike.

  18. 2005 Corolla–previously I was driving a not-very-reliable ’88 Volvo, and I wanted a car that I could count on for mid-range driving distances (at the time my dad was very ill and in the hospital. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it.)
    I looked at Scions, but at the time they didn’t have cruise control. In addition to cruise, I like the 5 speed stick shift.
    My mileage isn’t quite as good as I’d like, but that’s because I’m mostly driving in town…and I’m not driving much. To give you an idea: the car’s not quite four years old, and has a grand total of just over 23,000 miles on it.

  19. I don’t drive; I don’t even have a driver’s license, thanks to absurd licensing regulations in the Province of Ontario. So I take the bus a lot when I’m around home, or Sneaker Express. I love going to Toronto because then I get to choose from streetcar, subway, bus, or foot. 🙂

  20. Kifelong NYC resident, I don’t drive. I uses buses mostly because the subways have too many stairs and I have problems going up and down stairs. A friend has a Toyota Camry and sometimes she drives me places. She got her car used and even having it some ten years now, it still seems to ride well.

  21. Preview, preview, preview… that should have been *Lifelong*… preview, preview, preview.

  22. I’d rather not drive at all but, this being Florida I don’t have much choice. I own exactly one automobile – an ’04 Chevy Cavalier – good on gas, enough room for me. A good car for traveling to work and back – a rt distance of about 20 miles.

  23. 1992 Bridgestone BB-1 bicycle currently. I also have a 1998(?)Specialized Hard Rock in the basement that badly needs work.
    I need to get a scooter soon though.

  24. My beloved 1996 Dodge Dually diesel bought the farm. Now I drive a 2003 Ford F-150. While the mileage per gallon didn’t vary much, my penis is now shorter.

  25. Just got a new Nissan Altima 2 dr 4 cyl and 6 sp manual. My first long highway trip I got 36 mpg and doing 31 around suburban/exurban local. It is geared for milage because it has pep on the flats but some of the longer hills will find me in 4th at the top. Truth be told, I just bought it for the blue color

  26. 2004 Monte Carlo which seems to have alot of street cred although I didn’t know it when I bought it. I do love driving it, especially on the down-ramp to Tchoupitoulas Street…I like to see how fast I can go and stay in control. 😉

  27. 1996 Chevy Lumina. My husband’s old car, which he bought when he first moved to New Orleans, from a dealership that no longer exists.
    My husband schleps back and forth to Baton Rouge in a 2005 Chevy Malibu Maxx, which was apparently such a great vehicle that GM decided to quit making it. Sad, sad thing. It IS a great car, and they could have taken a 35 mpg car and made it a hybrid as is, instead of starting from scratch.

  28. I used to drive a 1977 Datsun B210 Hatchback, but now I have the London Underground and get much more reading done.

  29. sorry to hear about that coldH2Owi.
    i parked my 72 delta next to a F150. my delta was longer. i don’t think it affected my chest tho.

  30. quote:
    My beloved 1996 Dodge Dually diesel bought the farm. Now I drive a 2003 Ford F-150. While the mileage per gallon didn’t vary much, my penis is now shorter.
    Posted by: coldH2Owi | August 16, 2008 at 15:59
    I grieve with thee, ColdH2Owi.
    To have a Starship Enterprise truck like that, and lose it … augh.

  31. 2002 Subaru Impreza – My current lifestyle covers about 80 miles a week. It’s not terrible on gas (27ish), though I do wish it were better. It is entirely reliable in the snow, handles dirt roads very well, and those factors are both very important to me for work and play.

  32. NYC resident. 2003 Honda Element. Specialized bike. Subway. Taxis. Converse. The Light Fantastic.

  33. NYC resident. 2003 Honda Element. Specialized bike. Subway. Taxis. Converse. The Light Fantastic.

  34. …brand new 2008 Mazda 3 (35 mpg in daily use)
    …1999 Jeep Wrangler (80 K miles, we won’t discuss the gas mileage)
    …1995 F-250 Ford (we won’t, even if waterboarded, discussthis gas mileage)
    …1994 Ford Escort (169,000 miles; original clutch and brakes; 40 mpg; my passport to heaven if St. Peter is waiting at Heaven’s Gate with Al Gore sitting at a celestial work station just over his right shoulder checking on ‘stewardship of God’s precious creation’ databases)

  35. 2002 Toyota Sienna minivan, fully loaded with liberal bumper stickers, dents in fender, scratches on side, and accumulated detritus of six years worth of kid stuff.

  36. 2001 Prius — just celebrated its eighth birthday in July.
    1991 Nasbar road bicycle. A second-hand marvel.
    Rarely, unfortunately, the city bus. I live in a southwest city too sprawling to really adapt well to public transit. Our downtown has lost a lot of buildings in the past decade or so to ground-level parking, thus making downtown uglier and foot traffic scarce.

  37. I’ve never had a driver’s license. I’ve walked and used public transportation for many decades and it’s worked out just fine for me. Only problem is that occasionally airport security doesn’t believe that my state-issued ID is real.
    Peace, V.

  38. I drive a ’96 Subaru wagon of some sort, and my wife drives a 2003 Mitsubishi Montero. Between the two cars, we probably go 3000mi/year. Over the last three years have lowered my commute gas from 60gals/month to about6. Before these cars, I had Toyota Landcruisers. The newest was an ’85. I converted them to propane. They were sweet rigs

  39. ’03 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel. Been running on 100% biodiesel for 5 years (from day 1 w/ the truck). 41k miles
    We are a 1 vehicle family. Wife commutes on bicycle or the occasional bus ride. We chose the monstrous thing over the diesel Jetta as we don’t drive but 400 mi/month, do a lot of camping and for a minimal use vehicle it suits our purposes perfectly (4 y.o twins, 90lb lab/malmute), the communal moving/hauling vehicle in our circle of friends.
    I still long for the 45mpg of a diesel Jetta, but it just wouldn’t cut it for our purposes.

  40. 2007 Scion xD – I LOVE THIS CAR.
    Really, the shouting is necessary. The ergonomics are great, the milage is awesome, I adore my iPod’ed standard radio (I’m listening to nothin’ but podcasts), and it’s got storage Everywhere. Needs an armrest though.
    I live in a commuter town 14 miles from work though, and the county highways are all high traffic (5k cars+/day) and therefore hostile to bicycles. There’s a nice rural road, but it’s level B gravel. No bike commute for me! I have a 2005 Diamondback touring bike for long hauls and speed and a 2000 Cannondale cross bike with big fat tires for trips across town.

  41. Hey, lb0313 and idiosynchronic, we’re like car-cousins! I drive a Scion xA, 2006. 38,000 miles and yet to have even a hint of trouble. Which is more than I can say for my last ride, a ’97 Jeep Wrangler. I loved that TJ, but the repair bills plus the gas were more than I could afford. I lurv, lurv, lurv my Scion, as does Mr. BuggyQ, who has the same thing, just a year earlier model. I got the special edition because it was the only one available, so I have blue LED lighting in the footwell and the cupholders. Put a water bottle in it, and it GLOWS!
    My ride is pimped.
    I also ride, when I can, a Trek Pilot 2.1 WSD. No neon on that. Yet.

  42. Late to the party, out of town over the weekend. Daily driver is my ’04 Toyota Tacoma extended cab pickup. 4cyl 5 speed, gets 25-27 mpg. Not a lot of power, but can handle a load when I need it which is more often than ever since I bought the FeralFarm in Missouri.
    Also have a ’94 Mazda Miata, fun Fun FUN!

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