11 thoughts on “Water’s Wet

  1. Alright, Scout.
    Here’s what you do.
    1. Locate emergency beer supply.
    2. Drink beer.
    3. In case of lack of emergency beer supply, for god’s sakes, get to a store before 9 p.m.
    4. Purchase beer.
    5. See #2.

  2. Dumb Question: So we are giving asylum to a despised and deposed leader with a possible past of election fraud (including killing his opponents)?
    Bonus Question: does the above refer to Musharraf or Bush?

  3. That turned out well back in ’79 and the dictator needing refuge/medical care was the Shah…
    Anyone remember when Pakistani Islamists (mostly students) burned the US Embassy in Nov ’79? Some of those veterans are still around…

  4. ServingPatriot, I thought the same thing. It was one of Carter’s stupidest moves, giving refuge to the Shah, so of course that would be the ONE thing Carter did that Bush imitates.

  5. i thought i had become inured to the insanity coming out of the bush administration, but this one literally made my jaw drop and “WTF!” spill out of my gaping maw.

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