Column: I Write Memos



TO: The Democratic Party

FROM: Some woman with a Web site who happens to have been right about a bunch of stuff lately

RE: Your political strategy, such as it is

Allow me to bring something to your attention.

It no longer is 2002.

It also no longer is 2004.

Nor is it 2006.

I feel the need to remind you of the presence of an “8” on the calendar, given the recent votes of the cluck-cluck chicken club of most of you on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Also, Feingold for the win.


3 thoughts on “Column: I Write Memos

  1. The Democratic Party members of Congress have never heard the children singing “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Those yellow Democrats honestly believe that if the Republicans accuse them of being soft on________(fill in the blank), they will lose an arm, a leg and, far worse, a Congressional seat. Any of us can live minus an arm or a leg, but I can’t see a way for any of us to survive without a Congressional seat.

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