20 thoughts on “Caption this…Asshat backwards Edition

  1. “Okay you win the five bucks, no I’m not going to bet when he picks his nose.”

  2. Not to mention that’s probably the only time he’s ever sweat while doing anything on the job.

  3. Actually, that’s not backwards.
    It’s kind of hard to put a hardhat on backwards, as the strap for adjusting it would be right on top of your eyes.
    He’s lacking the stars on the generals’ hats, is what’s giving that impression.
    But he’s still a tool.

  4. “Hey, there’s Rockey Vaccarella. Hope I didn’t breath too much of that fermaldihide”

  5. Soldier on the left: “Psst. Commander Bush, you are supposed to spray on the deodorant before you put on your shirt.”

  6. He has it on right, but those hardhats look awfully new and shiny. My guess is the actual Corps equipment was a little too de classé for Chimpy – no neat decals to make them look like Serious Men on The Job.
    Don’t you love presidentin’ theater?

  7. slim, they look new and shiny (and joonyah’s may well be fresh from the box), but I was wearing a hardhat myself earlier today (was at a jobsite) and from several feet away, they looked new, but up close it was nicked and scuffed.
    Somehow, I think chimpy’s is brand new and not decal-laden (not even preznitial sealed) because he would refuse to keep this – might actually make him *gasp* think on New Orleans and his key role. Though, I am sure he would happily let Nagin or Jindal give him a hummer in the back of AF1.
    I hate that fuckmook (well, and seen-ray and PBJ).

  8. Bush waves to the adoring and grateful residents of NOLA lined up to see him, all one of them, thanking him for the exceptional job he has done.

  9. Ol’ W sweats like a guy coming down from a weekend bender. Just sayin’…

  10. Yeah, sweating like a pig at the ‘pits, but what’s that? Sweat spots from the man-boobs?
    I note that the other people in that photo *don’t* have sweat spots. But then again, they’re probably not worried about getting sent to The Hague for war-crimes trials, either.

  11. Kind of funny.

  12. Oh, and I apologize for using all caps. But, I figure I can get away with it because I don’t use profanity in my posts like most of you enlightened intellectuals.

  13. Bob, Bob, Bob… chill out, big guy. I admire your straitheaded opinions and loud delivery of them. And Jesus loves you better because you don’t use certain words (at least in public).
    Here’s an idea… grab a Bud Light, watch you some Fox News, and leave this newfangled “thinking” to us enlightened intellectuals. There is still a chance that John and Candy McCain might occupy the White House. After all, he kinda deserves to be president since he’s a WWII hero and multimillionaire. And he’s white! And it’s his turn, darn it!
    So don’t worry too much. Maybe there’s a football game on TV. RELAX!!!

  14. Thanks Ayn. But here’s an idea for you — grab an organic smoothie, watch you some CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN or MSNBC and let them think for you. There is still a chance that Barry Hussein and Michelle Obama might occupy the white house. After all, he kinda deserves to be president since he’s a…um…hmmm…a…well…oh, he is a multimillionaire (from writing his books). And he’s black! And it’s his turn, darn it!

  15. Touche, Bob. You got me back real good with a scathing twist on my OWN WORDS! Love the “Barry Hussein” line. Clever AND original. I can’t top that! You done got me.

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