6 thoughts on “Convention Day Three Crack Van

  1. If I don’t make it tomorrow, there’s a half full bottle of Booker’s bourbon behind the spare tire.
    Yo Mama Biden!

  2. Too late. Found it. S’gone.
    Speaking of which, I may not be around until festivities. I’ve consumed my fill. I let the beast take over.
    If someone phones me before 2:00 pm, that someone is going to perish awfully. I have the dogs, I have the will, I have the alibi.

  3. I listened to Rockefeller and Reid talk, and they gave perfect representations of why they need to just fucking go away.
    Jay Rockefeller wants us to do stuff, and I want to throw him down on the ground, grab him by the lapels, and ask him what the fuck have you done, you gutless coward, as the chair or ranking member of the intelligence committee, to stop Bush/Cheney/GOP thugs?
    Reid asks the rhetorical question, what damage might those oilrigs do to the tourism business n Californai? We don’t know if they might cause harm, but why take the chance? That’s Reids argument.
    Great Spaghetti Monster, the problem isn’t the party, it’s these timid, timid, timid, men and women in leadership positions.
    Hillary for Majority Leader, RFN!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sorry I didn’t make it in yesterday. I didn’t have my laptop w/me, and I had a company bigwig parked in my pod. Then I had my standing Weds night “sudz w/your budz” that is (for my sanity) mandatory kick back time. By the time I got home (still living in the far reaches of the Houston Metro area), the van was parked for the night. :*(
    Tonight, though – TONIGHT!!! I will blast out of here as soon as is elspeth-ly possible, hit the liquor store on the way home for a fresh infusion of adult libational content and then get my seat in the van.
    Cloacas optional! LOL!!!
    Crack vanigans/vaginas forever!!!
    😉 Elspeth

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