First Draft Fundraising Week

All right, it’s that time of year again, the time of year when we ask that you keep the crack van running and the ferret kibble coming if you can. This year Scout went to NOLA and I went to Denver with your help, and we’ve been lucky in all the people who’ve added their voices to us here, in those of you we’ve met in person and online, and we’ve talked about everything from football to FISA, covered conventions and conferences and chatted cross-country.

It’s been a hell of a year, a hell of a last few weeks especially, and as First Draftrounds out its fourth year of group blog publishing (good God, has it been that long?) and comes up on itsfour millionth visit, I have to say this place has become so much more than I ever expected it could be. And none of that would have happened without your participation and your support.

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5 thoughts on “First Draft Fundraising Week

  1. A, I’m gonna contribute, but I’ll double my planned contribution if I get a “Happy Democratic Photo” of my other boyfriend Sheldon Whitehouse, cuz he was Teh Awesomest today.

  2. Randy, Totally Ferret is beloved by our squirrels as well. We got the especially high-fat “premium” foodbecause we’re elitists because Puck was sick and getting skinny, and they gorge on that like it’s going out of style.
    Leinie, Sheldon’s yours? *Crosses one off the Potential List.*

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