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I found myself seeing all the cracks. I found myself wishing he’d say this, say that, do this, do that, but I swear to God on earth, if McCain so much as mentions earmarks again, and Obama doesn’t say the words “Seal DNA,” I will start breaking fools.

But here’s the thing. McCain needed a knockout punch. He needed to use his awesome to pre-empt the disaster that is going to be Sarah Palin, he needed to blow Obama away. Instead he sounded old, tired, pissy, and frankly out of touch. Obama didn’t need to pound him into the dirt. I wish he would have, because it would have been satisfying to me on a level that a fresh ripe peach or a glass of chianti is satisfying to me, but in the end? McCain had stuff to accomplish tonight. McCain had a case to make. And he didn’t do it.


8 thoughts on “Debate Reaction Post

  1. McSame was bad and Obama was great. But am I the only one who was pissed when Obama gave him a pass on his so-called support of veterans—and then gave him props for his stance on torture????

  2. Obama continues to make the mistake of praising McCain. But, remember Bush lost every debate he participated in, and left most of us giggling about just how inept he was. So, I don’t think the debates actually change anyone’s vote. People decide who they favor and watch the debates to cheer their guy on, not to get their minds changed.

  3. I thought Barack was good but not great but Walnuts was horrible: nasty, rude, condescending. The “john is right” moments were aimed at independent voters. I expect Obama to gain among them.

  4. I’d like to say a little something about earmarks. Earmarks are used by some to make sure highway funds(for example) are used for important and necessary improvements instead of paving the road to the Governors summer house. Earmarks are used by others to ensure that highway funds are used to pave the road to the Governors summer home instead of important and necessary improvements.
    One of these things is not like the other.
    Also, Mr zero interest rate never met a regulation I didn’t want to take a chain saw to, needs someone to explain the underlying cause of the financial meltdown, because he appears to think it has been caused by congressional spending. Disinformed or dishonest?

  5. The most striking aspect of the debate to the small crowd I watched it with was that McCain did not look at Obama. Obama often looked over at McCain, but even when Obama was the one talking, McCain looked stolidly ahead.
    This was a very odd — and in some ways disrespectful — bit of body language.
    I have to wonder if it was a conscious mechanism by McCain to control his temper. Whatever the reason, it made an awkward impression.

  6. “and in some ways disrespectful”
    Pretty much sums up GOP values, platform, attitude,way of life, . . .

  7. Ficus: That’s the first thing I noticed too. I haven’t seen/read a lot of analysis yet, but I wondered last night why that didn’t come up immediately among the TV commenters. The only comment on “body language” I caught was that Obama was loose and relaxed and McCain was “crisp”. Ok.

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