All ya’ll from Texas, lissen up

Warning: in case any of you folks in my home state decided to skip voting because McCain is likely to carry the state…

You better damn well vote, no matter what. Remember, there’s more than one race going on:

I mean, seriously, do you want real boots on the ground


Six more years of fake cowboy idealogue cowshit fromSen. Box Turtle?


Rick Noriega for US Senate.

Remember, if you don’t vote, I WILL find you.

4 thoughts on “All ya’ll from Texas, lissen up

  1. Living in MO with a tight race, I had plenty of reason to vote. But even if I was back in SC (destined to be McCain), I would think that the more people vote for Obama, the stronger the impact.
    Remember bush with 50.000005% of the vote calling that a mandate with “political capital”.

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