All about the “O”

John “Hindrocket” thinks the new Pepsi logo looks too Obama-esque. 

Maybe so. However, I would point out that theCollege Republican National Committee’s symbol is a red and blue oval as well.

Fun fact! Remember Hoaxtress Ashley Todd, a Texan college student who made a false police report (in the electorally important state of Pennsylvania) about a tall black man sexually assaulting her and carving a “B” on her face– a story which the McCain campaign and Drudgepushed? Well, according toBuzzflash, Ms. Ashley Todd was no mere “volunteer”, she was apaid employee of the aforementioned College Republican National Committee.

I’m of the suspicion that Todd wasn’t alone when she went “rogue” with her heinous political gambit. It’s hard to believe someone else didn’t suggest it to her, or know about it ahead of time.

Anyway, thedumb “B” overzealous McCainiac should’ve done her research before jumping into the world of political “black ops”. For crying out loud, take pride in your craft andlearn from the mistakes ofprevious conservative hoax perpetrators! For example, “O” spelled backwards is still an “O”.

11 thoughts on “All about the “O”

  1. You’re right. Can a Diet Coke drinker vote for a Pepsi president? I mean, fighting racial overtones is bad enough, but a candidate solidly in the pocket of the Coke lobby?
    Plus you got me thinking about the faux attack. Since when does the letter “B” stand for “Obama”? Please return to Sesame Street immediately !

  2. not unlike the doll some right wing nut jobs claim says “Islam is the light,” the equivalence between the Obama sign and the Pepsi logo comes from … an imagination so distorted, its owners have to dress it up in lies.

  3. Wait, does this mean the Star Spangled Banner is anti-McCain? After all, it starts with “O”.

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