The Blood of Journalism Drips From My Walls

Good God:

That’s Stella
“GUESS WHAT? I knew that Susan Sher, vice president for legal and
governmental affairs and general counsel at the University of Chicago
Medical Center, would be joining the White House staff as associate
counsel,” Stella Fosterwrites today, “but I was asked not to say anything.”

I remember when forgetting who you worked for was a firing offense.

“I’ve been getting that a lot lately from the inner chosen ones
asking me not to report things. I wonder why? . . . especially since I
and my boss, the late Irv Kupcinet, always reported only favorable
things about some of the who’s who now going to Washington.”

Gee, I wonder why people used to Stella only writing favorable things about them think they can influence what she writes.

“Hmmmmm! I guess they don’t know that I write a column . . . in
fact, a wonderful column with wonderful things to say. When will they
learn??? Perhaps, when I start not turning the other cheek???”

So, um, is this a threat to report more positive news about her pals if they refuse to cooperate?

I hate how the Internet keeps lousing everything up.


6 thoughts on “The Blood of Journalism Drips From My Walls

  1. Well, I just got the news that the Seattle PI is up for sale. On top of that, the Seattle Times is deep in financial woes so I may not have a morning paper soon. Not that I got one.
    I’ll miss the PI the most. It pissed me off better than the Times. Frank Blethen, who’s family publishes the Times, is a right wing hose job that wouldn’t know journalism if it crawled up and bit him. His hacks on the editorial page treated facts like head lice.
    The PI could recognize a real story once in a while and their editorials occasionally touched on real facts.
    If a pedestrian gets wasted by in an accident, it’s not the road that kills him. Readership didn’t kill the PI, it was Hearst driving the truck.
    Anyone want to buy a paper cheap?

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