3 thoughts on “This Land is Your Land…

  1. Man,
    HBO just doesn’t get it. They broadcast the entire concert for free and had their logo on it. And gave the broadcast free to cable operators worldwide! And now they are trying to down it on YouTube?
    Will these chuckleheads ever get it?
    I used a clip of that Seeger-Springsteen performance from a German broadcast uploaded to Youtube in my last day post today. Hopefully it is still there in the morning.

  2. They’re claiming they have rights to the event. I guess that means they shook down Malia and took away her camera. We all saw her taking pictures throughout the concert.

  3. Couldn’t agree more about Sharon Jones’ rendition. She and the Dap Kings are just amazing.
    BTW, I look forward to erasing my brain of the other meaning of “rendition” that involves flying captives around the world to torture them. I plan to start forgetting around noon tomorrow.

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