Obama’s Support Increases With Education Level

Interesting. FromGallup:

Democratic Candidate Preferences By Education Level

All Surveyed
Clinton: 43%
Obama: 50%

High School Education or Less
Clinton: 53%
Obama: 40%

Some College Education
Clinton: 40%
Obama: 53%

College Graduate
Clinton: 35%
Obama: 59%

Postgraduate Education
Clinton: 30%
Obama: 64%

18 thoughts on “Obama’s Support Increases With Education Level

  1. I think Obama would do well to have some working class people poke a bit more fun at him in ads and forums. He does sound like a bit of an egghead. The fact that Obama rarely if ever fills space with errs and umms and just pauses to think and then speak is off-putting to people who aren’t that bright. I think they think it’s going slow to be understood by dummies, not thinking before you speak. When the race is down to Obama vs. McCain Obama would do well to talk about a lot of casual topics (sports, food, movies, etc.) in a much more casual speaking style. As people see more of that they’ll be more comfortable with him and he’ll do better among voters with less education.
    The image I have of Obama is that he’s the bright new guy at work who at first rubs you the wrong way, who looks like he gets by on charm, not effort. Then one night you get stuck working late with him you find out that A) he’s really nice and B) he not only gets his work done but helps you with yours. IMHO Obama is a skinny guy you barely know who shows up to help you move and goes straight for the couch and says ‘OK..who’s got the other end?’. But too many people think he’s the guy who shows up, moves one lamp, and then skates. Obama’s got to find ways to show he’s not that guy.

  2. My husband & I both have advanced degrees and are supporting Clinton. I wouldn’t trash Clinton for having more working class support–maybe her policies are more focused on their concerns. Trashing her electorate comes off as elitist.

  3. I’ve heard this before and take it with the same grain of salt as with other polls -but I do wonder what would happen if they broke those higher education individuals down by type of degree (e.g., MS, MBA, MD, PhD) and area of expertise. I’m in the area of biological sciences (specifically genetics/gene expression) and I know of no one in my sphere of friends/colleagues (those who also hold similar doctoral degrees) who supports Obama.

  4. Clinton’s supporters are being “trashed” by comment #2 (not “the smart choice”). And again by comment #1 (People who don’t get Obama’s pauses are “not that bright”. Never mind the fact that he’s got oodles of “ums” and stammers to go around – when he’s asked questions he’s not prepared for, usually.)
    There’s been an obvious split in Dems along class/income lines from day 1 of when this primary became a 2-person race. I see it playing out in the streets of Philly when I work my Hillary paraphernalia. Folks in crappy jobs, the worn-out, the old, and the folks with teeth missing folks think it’s great. Benz-drivers and yuppies, not so much.
    So think about cause-and-effect between education levels and opportunity for just a minute.
    And the screeching over Hillary’s Ohio health-care tale by the Beltway Heathers and the “creatives” tells you all you need to know about class. I heard it first in Philly live mid-March, and by the time HRC finished saying the words “one hundred dollars” I knew where the story was going. There are people in this country who know you can’t just show up at certain facilities or make an appointment without a big wad of cash in hand, insurance or not. And these people do skip going for lack of $100 or $300 or whatever. And apparently, there’s another whole class of people for whom that very common story sounded so fishy, so outlandish, that they decided it must be fictional.

  5. TonyRz – I have a HS diploma and have never made more than $46K in a year and most years a lot less so kiss my poor, uneducated ass. I worked my way up to dispatcher by loading trucks.
    People fill space with “uhhs and errs” because they are thinking and it’s a pretty damn rare rhetorical skill to be like Obama and pause a second and come out with complex whole thoughts. Silent pauses among most people are known as ‘uncomfortable silence’ and it’s the rare person who actually takes the time to think before speaking like Obama.
    As for Clinton’s healthcare plan the inability of the Clintons to get anything passed from ’92-00 that wasn’t universal is a tragedy that I don’t need to see repeated. If only President Clinton could have gotten through a modest package with a trigger for 90% coverage so much suffering could have been avoided. The difference between 90% coverage and the 85% we see today is 120 million individual years of health care coverage since 2000. That’s the opportunity cost of Bill Clinton waiving around his…veto pen and never accepting any kind of compromise on universal health coverage. I’ve grown to loathe the Clintons and their whole ‘read the fine print’ pandering.
    They can kiss my working class white ass.
    If I sound angry about being called an elitest blame the Clintons for failing to do jack about health care even though they promised. Studies have shown that nothing make somebody more angry then worrying about their health and I’ve been worrying a lot for almost two decades.
    Now go peddle some more phony stories about Obama being an elitest because he accepted a free sample of expensive ham at an Italian market. He ate the free sample and bought salami, like a normal person would do you jackass.

  6. Okay, so Bill and Hill didn’t fix the nations’ health care woes with a wave of Bill’s… wand.
    I assume that there are no longer any poor people in Obama’s old Chicago stomping grounds? Awesome.
    Bottom line, we’re in 2008, and the health care problem needs to be addressed, whatever happened in the past. It’s a tautology that it wasn’t solved. But the landscape today is a bit different from 1994, Obama’s overriding schtick is that the government can’t solve your problems, and unless my Mom can use one of Obama’s apparently thrilling speeches to cover her copay when she goes to the doctor, I don’t really give two figs for them.

  7. TonyRz – I never thought to equate a community organizer making less than $15,000 with the President of the United States but you are right — both Obama and Clinton left some problems unsolved. I’ll leave others to discuss who had more resources.
    Obama has promised to have a universally available reasonably priced (by comparison) public insurance pool plan available for purchase within his first year in office. Clinton has promised to implement universal mandated coverage by the end of her second term. Obama is inviting you to a pool party in his first year. Hillary Clinton is mandating you get in the damn pool or else by 2016. I’ll RSVP to the Obama’s pool party and so will most people once they see it’s a good option.

  8. > I never thought to equate a community
    > organizer making less than $15,000
    BO lives in a pretty nice pad for someone taking home $15K.

  9. Wow…all of a sudden I feel so stupid. How dare I remain so utterly uninformed?

  10. You’d see the same sort of numbers in support of Adlai Stevenson.
    Murkins hate smart people. They always have. Your preznit is living proof of this.

  11. People don’t think H. Clinton is smart? Who? Her sworn enemies? Her fanbase?
    I must say, that’s a new one.

  12. Neither Clinton nor Obama are going to fix our health problems. Only congress could do that. With so many of them bought and paid for by the healthcareforprofit lobbies, it’s kind of a moot point.

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