Preznit Giv Us Turkee

Drawback to being a nonprofessional blogger: Meatspace obligations trumping ability toSuperman that ho Crack Van the presser or the Town Hall. In any case, TiVo’d it, watched it, and am still finding it hard to believe we have a president who can speak in complete sentences. That part of this ain’t getting old anytime soon.

Obama appeared to do the job of opening up the can of PWNSAUCE the Republicans richly deserved, he answered each one-sentence halfwit question in 41 parts and iambic pentameter, etc, etc. It was fine. It’s gonna take a while till I stop expecting to be outraged at presidential pressers and go back to being moderately annoyed. I was overjoyed he stuck up for FDR, amused at how easy the Republicans have made it for him to cast them as do-nothings, and then bugged because if the debate’s this easy to win, why cave on anything at all?

That being said, fucking A-Rod? I’m sorry, I know I’m supposed to be off killing journalism, but it seems to be dying off just fine on its own, what with the EARTH CAVING IN and people wasting time on whether a dickhead took drugs or not. Don’t get me wrong, my emotional state depends on the UW hockey team doing well and all, I’m not immune to the charms of our sporting life, but had someone stopped the whole damn shebang to ask what the President thought ofthe stunning whoopass the Badgers laid down on the Gophers this last weekend and his opinion on whether Connolly is a god or merely a superhero, my response would still be “… the fuck?”


9 thoughts on “Preznit Giv Us Turkee

  1. I think saying that “we have a president who can speak in complete sentences” understates it greatly. He can *also* string a number of those complete sentences togather to form a complex yet coherent argument.
    It is quite something!

  2. …listening to the press conference live on NPR, I looked at Mrs. Jack K. during that awkward bit of dead air at the end of the A-Rod question and said “the conversation in Obama’s head right now just went to “WTF!??!”” There was a time, long ago in my innocent youth, when that sort of question would earn the questioner a posting as chief correspondent on an ice flow in polar bear country…
    When the investigative teams finally crawl all the way to the bottom of the cliff to search through the charred wreckage of American journalism for clues, they are going to find a surprising array of fingerprints on the bent, twisted remnants of the steering wheel…

  3. The news media is the opiate of the masses. If people are distracted from how broke, sick and tired they are, maybe they will put off the revolution for another month or so.

  4. My favorite part of the presser?
    When Obama pwned Chuck Todd and spanked him hard like an ugly stepchild.
    What made it truly great was that he rejected the PREMISE of Todd’s question, that consumer debt killed the economy (I’m starting to think that Todd may be the “wallster” troll over at Eschaton).
    Rejecting Republican premises is what the Democrats have to do, loudly, often and in public, until they’re completely discredited. Too often Dem officials accept the skewed premise of a Republican question and then wonder why they always find themselves scrambling defensively to answer right-wing rhetoric.
    Attack the validity of their premises! Barney Franks is great at this; now so is the President.
    This makes me very happy, as in our lazy media age, framing is more than half the battle.

  5. You’re taunting me with that Badger-smack-down-Gophers thing, aren’t you? Knowing that it didn’t even approach the whoop-ass the Sioux laid on those pesky rodents?
    Jack is so right about that pause after the A-Rod question. It was like he had to take a deep breath so he wouldn’t say “WTF? You’ve got a limited amount of time here, I wasted a fucking question on you, and I get this shit?” before answering.

  6. My middle-finger was at a severe loss last night – it had nothing to do during the presser! Pleasant change, indeed.
    🙂 Elspeth

  7. PRESIDENT PRIME TIME. i missed it at 7 and watched it on cspan. god. not one sign at all of an asshole in charge. obama is the adult. he is ‘the one’.
    and as stupid as the a-rod question was, his answer was so damn fine. straight to the kids. don’t cheat! there are no short cuts. how awesome was that? oh man, so different from the chimperor.

  8. I really missed the crack van (even though I usually don’t get to participate). I saw (as Pansy said) an adult. Listening to questions and people with different opinions.
    I heard reporters asking questions of substance.
    I heard Obama returning with a quick answer followed by him detailing the pertinent factors for his decision.
    I heard Obama speaking in a very open style. One human being to another.
    I heard Obama taking responsibility.
    No evasiveness. No answers totally lacking in substance (well you see, I’ll get smart people to talk together and tell me what to do) but instead answers giving his plan step by step.

  9. I still have PBTSD (Post-Bush Traumatic Stress Disorder). Every time I hear “The President” instead of “President Obama” I feel my stomach turn and my muscles tighten. My body still reacts as if Bush were the President.
    My brain still reels from complete sentences, matching tenses, and coherent arguments. The lack of a Snidely Whiplash snicker is a bonus. I may be wrong about which cartoon character, but you get the point.

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